Rachel Petit (Nepal)

Rachel Petit is a 23-year-old Canadian, currently pursuing a Masters degree in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action concentrating in global health at Sciences Po’s Paris School of International Affairs. Before coming to Paris, Rachel graduated from the University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences, majoring in health and society. Over the course of her degrees, Rachel has been actively involved in advocating for the human rights of homeless and at-risk youth in Calgary and refugees in Paris. Rachel is working towards a career in international health advocacy and is grateful for the opportunity to develop her skills with The Advocacy Project. Rachel was drawn to working with AP, and specifically with CWN, out of a desire to contribute towards sustainable initiatives that support Nepali women in the realization of their right to health. Upon her return from Nepal, Rachel reflected that, "to arrive at one’s own conception of happiness, there is a minimum set of conditions that must be afforded to all individuals, regardless of cultural context, in order for them to be able to realize their full potential as human beings capable of exercising rational choices."

Meet the Care Women Nepal team!

09 Jul

Indira Thapa: President & Founder

Indira Thapa, Founder and President of Care Women Nepal

Indira Thapa, from Muga, Dhankuta, Nepal, founded Care Women Nepal in 1998 out of a desire to serve the women of her community. Since then, Indira has worked tirelessly to advocate for the rights of women in Nepal by hosting health camps, providing emergency relief and carrying out water and sanitation projects in Dhankuta. Indira is driven by her memories of witnessing the death of women in her village during child birth because of a lack of access to reproductive health services. Indira is looking forward to expanding the operations of CWN by constructing a new office in Pakhribas to better serve the women of her community.

Yunesh Pratap Singh: Program Manager

Yunesh Pratap Singh has been working with Care Women Nepal in various capacities since 2012, and is looking forward to taking on a larger role within the organization as CWN’s program manager. Yunesh has obtained a Bachelors of Commerce from the Shriram College of Commerce at the University of Delhi in Delhi, and a Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy from Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu. In his spare time, Yunesh enjoys reading the news and playing cricket.

Yunesh Pratap Singh, CWN Program Manager

Throughout his studies, Yunesh has been involved in the planning and execution of numerous health camps with CWN and various organizations who have partnered with his universities. Yunesh’s work with CWN began out of a desire to learn more about the plight of women in Nepal to access health services.Yunesh feels grateful to have had the opportunity to pursue educational opportunities that have broadened his understanding of economic, social and cultural rights globally, but also to have had the ability to work towards local solutions to local problems. Specifically, Yunesh believes that the work he has done assisting in the execution of Care Women Nepal health camps has exposed him to the real-world consequences of a lack of equitable social programming. Yunesh believes that the consequences of a failure to respect, protect and fulfill women’s reproductive  health rights in Nepal are readily “there for all to see” in the form of  the “deprivation of Nepali women’s ability to achieve what they otherwise could have in their lives.” Moving forward, Yunesh is looking  to bolster CWN’s grassroots, hands on approach to advocacy, and working towards a Nepal in which vital social programming such as health and education is indiscriminately available to all persons.

Dinesh Thapa: Construction Manager

Dinesh Thapa, CWN Construction Manager

Dinesh Thapa recently joined the Care Women Nepal team as an associate and construction manager. Dinesh considers himself to be an entrepreneur and jack of all trades, who is not only ready to assist with the planning and execution of CWN led health camps and surgeries, but also to lead the construction of CWN’s new office in Pakhribas. Dinesh has an entrepreneurial spirit and experience managing teams. Dinesh is looking forward to putting the skills that has developed throughout his career thus far towards advocating for the health rights of women in Dhankuta.

Kamana Pradhan: Lead Volunteer 

Kamana Pradhan, CWN Lead Volunteer

Kamana Pradhan is a mother and women’s health advocate in Dhankuta, Nepal who has volunteered at many of CWN’s past health camps. Kamana believes that CWN’s health camps have an essential role to play in addressing the high prevalence of uterine prolapse in Dhankuta. As a mother herself, Kamana feels a responsibility to advocate for the reproductive health rights of women in her community. Like Indira, she has also witnessed the death of women in Dhankuta owing to an inability to access reproductive health services. Kamana is looking forward to taking on a leadership role during CWN’s next health camp to be held in October 2017.

Posted By Rachel Petit (Nepal)

Posted Jul 9th, 2017

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