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Thomas (T.J.) Bradley (EPAF, Peru): TJ developed a deep interest in Latin America while studying as an undergraduate at Heidelberg University. Prior to his fellowship, he. worked in Lima with the Paul Lammermeier Foundation. TJ has also interned with USAID and United States Department of State. TJ was studying at the School of International Service at American University when he undertook his AP fellowship. At American, he volunteered with the American Red Cross and served on the editorial staff of the Journal of International Service. After his fellowship, TJ wrote: “It has been an incredible learning experience for me and has left me with many friends. I feel like we have accomplished much and I look forward to seeing all that they will do in the future.”


18 Sep

I sit here writing as we prepare to head back into the mountains for one of our ongoing projects to produce an advocacy quilt with the family members of those that have been disappeared here in Peru. Our destination this time is Sacsamarca and its surrounding annexes. Located in the center of Ayacucho, Sacsamarca has been a recurring topic in this blog and was a location visited in EPAF’s field school. We are traveling to continue our work in the theme of memory and help the local community express and exhibit their story to the world. Not only that, but the quilt represents an opportunity for the people of Sacsamarca to demonstrate their creativity and express themselves through their substantial artistic skill.

The idea of our quilt is to provide those that have lost someone during the conflict a medium to express their feelings and a forum through which they can create a collective object of memory that tells their stories and hopefully helps the long and hard healing process that still continues.

The people of Sacsamarca have told us they are excited to get started and we are as well. Stay tuned for more quilt updates and the report after we return again from the field.

Posted By Thomas Bradley (Peru)

Posted Sep 18th, 2014