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Mark Koenig (Collective Campaign for Peace – COCAP): Mark was born in St. Louis, Missouri. After graduating from the International School of Bern in Switzerland in 2000, he spent one year at Davidson College in North Carolina and then moved on to Johns Hopkins University where he received a bachelor's degree with honors in Political Science in 2004. While studying at Johns Hopkins, Mark completed internships with genomics researcher Craig Venter, US House Representative Chris Van Hollen, and in London with Lady Sylvia Hermon, a Member of Parliament from Northern Ireland. After graduation, Mark moved to Shenzhen, China where he lived for two years teaching English at Shenzhen Senior High School. At the time of his fellowship, Mark was studying at Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Boston focusing on post-conflict reconstruction, law and development. After his fellowship, Mark wrote: “I think that perhaps it is my interest in and understanding of community level dynamics and activities that has developed the most while here. The significance of community level interactions and relationships as it pertains to the events that take place on a national level is an intriguing topic that this summer has given me new insight into.”

Mishiri Khatik and Jo Khan Khatik

30 Aug

Posted By Mark Koenig

Posted Aug 30th, 2007


  • Ramprosd Khatik

    September 3, 2008


    The picture displayed on site showing the tipical village site.Still ignorant about the outside world.Needs a helping helping hand.There upliftment and development is required from the grass root level.

  • kuamar

    February 12, 2009


    Well, freinds on the discussion board of ORIGIN of khatik or history thereof, I may add here that its not that only what Mr. Uday said is right but thing is to know it yourself still better.

    Well, its true that exactley what Mr. Uday said is known to me as well since I was a child and even read a commentary/treatese sort of thing on the history of the caste khatik.

    There used to be one grand old man as well who used to visit regularly to our home and preach on the good thing bad thing about the khatik and definitely pig rearing is not definitel one of that.
    It could be like the one I personally know where one guy who is JAIN and does business of shoe selling and even when a so called lowely placed person go to his shop he will do the rest to do his business of selling shoe.So ,pig rearing could at most, if at all noticed in some places, be attributed to the local necessity in the absence of viable survival but its definitely not the ancestrol or the caste profession.
    It is a fact that ALL Khatik carry the same surname as are by the Rajputs.
    But as Khatik, you do not have to rise and say that you are one(Rajput) because your destiny in India is sealed the moment you are conceived, forget about birth.
    AND the fact is you may be whatever, but not Rajput and do not even thik so. But yes, if it pleases you go ahead but there are no takers so please do not waste time.
    In short, there is some thing common with rajput and for certain that is carrying the surname and the nature of original work i.e. providing assistence to Rajput in war, game, and sacrificial customs.
    And in India since you are some time named after what you do so if Khat is what khatik or Khal (you take away skin of the game/sacrificial animal).

    Unfortunately there was so much to tell but all that is too old to share now. My father is no more and so is that good old man.
    Probably all that who know could be put together even taken from the well written books of Rajput clan where one can definitely find some mention about it.
    And to come out with some respect for the community.

  • Vikas Mogha

    September 14, 2009


    Some words for them who want to prove khatik caste as Rajpoots and Dhankars;
    My grand mother was expired before my birth but the grand mother of my father was alive till the year 2003. She was more than 100 years old when she had expired. She told us the history, when we asked, who is the khatik? She said to us, people believe that we are the Rajpoot origin caste, and we were the Rajpoot before the Muslims government in India. But when we asked, why the Rajpoots don’t include us in their caste now? She had no answer because it was a false story. Once I was listened it that the original Rajpoots were made to accept Islam and who did not admitted, killed by the Mugal emperor Aurangjeb.
    Another true story I also know that after the Indian freedom the Rajpoots invited Rangars (the converted Muslim Rajpoots) to accept again Hindu Rajpoots origin. In a historical meeting, it was decided that a Rajpoots guy will marry with a Rangars girl. And Rangars wanted just opposite
    In fact khatiks have some surnames as Rajpoots have. If it means khatiks were the Rajpoots. Same surnames are used by the Balmiki, Dhobi, and Nayi etc castes. It means they all are Rajpoots. Wonderful all are Rajpoots in India .
    Here I want to clear that surname is always related with a lord of family. At a place many castes have a same lord so they use their lord name after their name which is called the surnames. I searched my surnames. Some Muslim who lives out of India use Mogha as their surname (you can see my profile in ). Some people of Arabian & African countries are also using Mogha as their surname. It does not mean they all are khatiks. (I was gone in depth of Mogha surname.) I am the seventh generation of Mr. Sahab Singh Mogha (father of my grand father’s grand father) who did not work as a butcher. But we eat the goat meat; we used the blood and ear of a goat for worship after every 3 years.
    In ancient time’s wealth used to be measured by the number of cows. Thus Dhenu means Cow and Dhan means wealth and Dhan+agar means one who is having lots of animal wealth which includes Sheeps and Cows. Generally the Dhangars keeps more Sheeps as compared to Cows as the Dhangars consider ’350’ an ideal number of sheep, 60 buffaloes and 20 cows for a unit of five to seven families. They also have Horses to carry their luggages while wandering and Dogs for alerting from wild animals. Thus as the number of Sheeps is more they are known as Shepherds.
    I want to tell the khatiks who say them Dhankars that a pure Dhankars never use the meat of a goat or animal who gives milk. It is India every things is possible, while a married woman should not touch the lord shiv lingam, logic has been given in Indian epics. Unmarried girls don’t worship to hanuman Ji. But all is going on because the people are not aware; they are far from the facts.
    The Rajpoot guys were my best friend, I told them, when all the Rajpoot were made to admit the Islam otherwise they were killed by the Aurangjeb and some original are livings as khanabadosh. You are coming from where? Is it true you are the sons of gollys? They had no answer, they said me, dear you Mogha and khatiks are also from Rajputana origin. I asked them, whose language you are using thakur sahib? It view is same that is come from the R.S.S., BJP, BHP and Bajrang dal, Shiv Sena for using the khatiks against Muslim in communal wrights. Thakur sahib will you give me any proof to proves khatiks are from Rajputana origin? They did not answered then I told him if you feel a fear of Muslims, you come to us being our brothers otherwise we are the butcher an untouchable caste.

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