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Annika Allman (Vital Voices Uganda): A Jamaican-Canadian, Annika earned her Bachelor’s degree in Social Development Studies from the University of Waterloo. As an undergraduate student, she acted as Administrator for the Guyana Red Cross Society's Children's Convalescent Home. She has also worked as a policy analyst for the Canadian International Development Agency. At the time of her fellowship, Annika was pursuing a Master of International Affairs in economic and political development, and interning at the Women's Refugee Commission. After her fellowship, Annika wrote: "I will be more sensitive about the way I think and speak about Africa and Africans. Second, I will be more connected to the world. This has boosted my confidence tremendously. The openness and appreciation (of my hosts) helped me change the way I see myself, my value and my capabilities."

Miss Independent – Racheal Kemirembe’s Kraft Uganda

21 Jul

Racheal (top centre, in bright pink blouse) and colleagues representing the Africa Businesswomen Network in Cairo.

With a Bachelor of Arts in banking and finance and eight years as a banker under her belt, Racheal Kemirembe was itching for more independence. She felt her business acumen and passion for art were not being used to their potential. She resigned in 2008 and created Kraft Uganda, a “uniquely Ugandan” firm that exhibits, markets and exports handcrafts, and provides business counseling and other consultancy services.

Racheal knows better than anyone that it’s more than what you know; it’s whom you know. She makes a point of learning from established businesswomen, connecting with fellow entrepreneurs, and mentoring young start-ups. In addition to being a member of UWEAL’s Finance and Administration Committee and Women Investment Club, Racheal has been involved with BLESD (Business, Leadership and Entrepreneurship Skills Development), an association of young entrepreneurs run from Makerere University, and TechnoServe, an NGO supporting both male and female entrepreneurs. In November 2008, she represented UWEAL at the Africa Businesswomen’s Network Conference in Cairo.

Racheal is not where she wants to be yet – she describes her business as “average, but growing very fast.” She is concerned with her shop’s limited space and rising rent, and constantly looking for workers who are as committed to her business as she is. Her growth strategy hinges on linking with women and youth – from the villages of Uganda to the cities of America – so her opportunities and theirs can grow together.

Racheal holds a Master of Science from Nkumba University, and has a six-year-old-son.

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Posted Jul 21st, 2010

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