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Nicole Slezak (Kosovo Women’s Network): Nicole received her BA in communication studies and political science from the University of California, Los Angeles In 2007. During this time she studied abroad in the Czech Republic on a National Security Education Program scholarship. At the time of her fellowship, Nicole was studying for a Master’s Degree in Security Studies with a focus on International Security at Georgetown University.

News from Kosovo

13 Jun

This week an english newspaper, the Kosov@ Press, made its debut in Prishtina. This is the first english newspaper of Kosova and it even has its own website. Top headlines this week included the attempted robbery of Prime Minister Hashim Thaci’s house and the impending implementation of Kosova’s Constitution, which will occur on 15 June.

The unsuccessful robbery of Prime Minister Thaci’s home occurred late on 6 June and initially caused great anxiety, as it was believed to be an assination attempt. The perpetrator is a 19 year old male who was shot on the premises of Thaci’s home. The man was arrested the next day after being turned in by his father.

In other local news, the Germia swimming pool–the largest pool in Europe–will open tomorrow at 10 am.

Germia Pool

Posted By Nicole Slezak

Posted Jun 13th, 2007