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Helah Robinson (Vital Voices in Cameroon): Helah did her undergraduate degree at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. She graduated in 2009. During her studies, Helah studied in Dakar, Senegal for five months, traveled to Guinea and the Gambia and volunteered with the African Assembly for the Defense of Human Rights (RADDHO) in 2008. She also interned with Vital Voices Global Partnership. After her fellowship, Helah wrote: “As cliché as it sounds, this summer was truly a life changing experience. I learned not only new skills and how to work in varying environments, but much about myself as well. How I interact with people, work best with others and more. Furthermore, in a more practical sense, I had no video, editing, much interviewing or blogging experience before this summer. Now, I have developed those skills in addition to experience working abroad and more practice in a foreign language. I feel I am more capable, confident and equipped to do real substantial work.”

Pan African Women’s Day in Bali, Cameroon

03 Aug

On Friday, July 31, 2009, the Delegation on Women’s Empowerment from Yaounde came to Balitown to celebrate the 47th Edition of the Pan African Women’s Day. Held at the Bali Grand Stand in the center of town, the festivities included traditional music, dress, and dance and skits that highlighted the roles women play in Cameroonian society. Clad in their own traditional fabrics, representatives from all the women’s groups of the North West Region came together  to honor the African woman and, as fellows working with one of the most active women’s groups in the province (Nkumu Fed Fed), Johanna and I were invited to attend and participate.

Themed “Combating the Exploitation of Women and Girls,” Friday’s event included speeches, activities and demonstrations that called on men and women in Cameroon to take up the fight against inequality and discrimination. In his closing remarks, Governor of the North West Region Abakar Ahamat discussed difficulties women face across the country and the need for all Cameroonians to show better appreciation and respect for what women bring to society.

Governor of the North West Region at the African Women's Day Celebration
Governor Ahamat presided over the ceremony, exalting the women who are fighting for a better future for Cameroon and working for women and children’s rights in almost every way imaginable. From activists against child trafficking and denouncers of FGM and breast ironing to women’s rights and empowerment advocates, the gathering of such strong and motivated women was a truly awe inspiring experience.

Nkumu Fed Fed at the African Women's Day Celebration
During the celebration, the Women’s Empowerment Delegation awarded several NGOs prizes in recognition of their hard work and dedication. For its achievements in combating child trafficking, Nkumu Fed Fed won the top award!—a 14-inch TV that will go to NFF’s Gwan Multipurpose Center, the transitional home for victims of child trafficking.

Parade at the Pan African Women's Day Celebration
The event also included a fashion parade that honored the cultures and peoples of Cameroon, paying tribute to the many contributions women make to their families, communities and country. Pictured above is a reenactment of the heavy load women must carry during a typical day of work in the farm, emphasizing their constant support of one another.

Parade at the Pan African Women's Day Celebration
As a minority in the state and living primarily in the extreme north, Muslims in Cameroon are often times overlooked as key stakeholders in the nation. Above, a Fulani woman marched in the parade, representing the women of north Cameroon.

Participants also reflected on the cultural practices that hinder women’s freedoms and rights. For example, in the performance depicted below, a woman is being forced into an unwanted marriage as a narrator explains how the bride was not consulted and her opinion not taken into account as the arrangement was made.

Skit Depicting Forced Marriage

Below: A traditional dancer of the NW performs in the parade

Traditional Dancer in the Parade

Closing the ceremony, the women marched together in solidarity. (Johanna and I marched with them, alongside the Nkumu Fed Fed federation!)
[Sacrifice Sign]

Traditional Dancing and Music at the Celebration
Finally, following the march and demonstrations the women finished off the celebration with traditional music, drums and dancing.

The video below has a few excerpts from the vibrant and colorful festivities of the day.

As Governor Ahamat quoted in his final speech, ”there is a woman in everything great,” and I would have to agree. ☺

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Posted Aug 3rd, 2009

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