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Tassos Coulaloglou (Collective Campaign for Peace – COCAP): Tassos was born and raised in New Jersey. He attended the University of Wisconsin (UW) and graduated with his BS in Political Science in 2001. Tassos spent one year studying abroad at Utrecht University in Holland while in his final year at UW, After graduation, Tassos moved to Lithuania to become a freelance journalist and teach high-school history and English as a second language. In 2004, he returned to the States to work as a team leader with the League of Conservation's Envirovictory political campaign in Milwaukee. He returned to Eastern Europe the following year and resumed writing before starting graduate school. At the time of his fellowship, Tassos was studying for a Master's degree in International Relations and Diplomacy offered jointly by Leiden University and the Clingendael in Holland. After his fellowship, Tassos wrote: “...now in class, I try to break the Euro/America-centric positions that seem to dominate and ask what the Nepali view would be…this fellowship pushed me to understand a people, to think in their terms."


05 Jun

I was sitting having lunch with a couple friends in Vilnius when the usual question popped up.

“So what will you be doing in Nepal?”

It’s usually the first question that people ask when I tell them I’m going to work as an AP Peace Fellow for the summer.

“Well, I’ll be advocating on behalf of member organizations of the Collective Campaign for Peace (COCAP) in Baglung.”

This usually draws rather blank stares. It did for my buddies in Vilnius. Truth is, I’m really not sure exactly what I’ll be doing or for whom. This is the first time The Advocacy Project is sending out fellows to the COCAP focal point offices around Nepal.

Other than a (dubious) Wikipedia article and some general info from the COCAP website, I know next to nothing about my village Baglung. Furthermore, since we are a person short after a fellow dropped out, I’ll probably be shuttling back and forth between Kathmandu and Baglung to offer my services at the Kathmandu COCAP office.

I wouldn’t really say I’m nervous, perhaps anxious, but that’s to be expected from a new experience in a foreign land. Monsoonal rains, sinewy mountain roads, and snakes (I have an Indiana Jones-like phobia of snakes) should make for an exciting time.

But the overwhelming feeling is eager anticipation. It’s such an important time for Nepal. A year ago, there was an absolute monarch ruling the country by decree.

Mass protest, international pressure and a thirst for change has led to today’s prospect for peace, democracy and (hopefully!) elections. The country is at a critical juncture. So what will I be doing in Nepal? Stay tuned…more to come!

Posted By Tassos Coulaloglou

Posted Jun 5th, 2007


  • Angelos (leiden)

    June 13, 2007


    Hey man!

    Indiana Jones had a fear of rats, not snakes! Get your data right before you ridicule yourslef online! Anyway, your co-workers in Nepal are very lucky to have you over. I’m sure you’ll do a great job. Take care and be in touch.

  • tassos

    June 16, 2007


    I’m not sure if there was a Greek version of Indiana Jones I don’t know about, but our old buddy Indy was NOT afraid of rats. haha We’ll have to rent a movie or two upon my return. 🙂 Thanks for your words of support and please keep the comments coming. Good luck yourself in Malta!

  • bigpappa

    July 5, 2007


    Hey man, not all your buddies in Vilnius gave you a blank stare! Hope all is well there.


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