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Ola Duru (eHomemakers): Ola received her Bachelor’s degree in international marketing from American University. After graduation, she worked at the Carlyle Group as a fund coordinator in the International Real Estate group. At the time of her fellowship, she was in the MBA program at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business.

Reflecting on Singapore

12 Jul

Making the decision to come to Singapore was the most difficult I have had to make since this experience began. Having to deal with the uncertainty of being in a country where I knew no one and my future plans were so uncertain made my decision even more difficult. Thinking back on the week, I am glad I made the choice to come.

It has been a relatively quiet week in Singapore. I have had the opportunity to tour the city, its museums, cultural areas and numerous shopping malls. I also had to chance to get some work done concerning the rest of my fellowship. But the most important thing I have had a chance to do since being in Singapore is reflect. Reflect on my previous two weeks in Malaysia, reflect on my work plan and how much I can contribute and impact the Salaam Wanita project. Reflect on my future and experiences I am interested in pursuing post graduation, and reflect on the people in my life, who have been unbelievably supportive throughout this period.

I am a creature of certainty. I am a free spirit, only if I can control where and when I get to enact that freedom, so coming here knowing that my future could not in any way be impacted or influenced by me made me almost hysterical. But the people in my life, including Rebecca, my fellow intern, Pooi Lai, my coworker in the Salaam Wanita project and my dear family and friend provided me with the level of faith and hope I was severely lacking. I am so grateful for their support and insight on the situation, and am extremely thankful there were there in my time of need. I am grateful for the opportunity to head back to Malaysia, get back on the grind and accomplish my goals!

Posted By Ola Duru

Posted Jul 12th, 2008

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