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Josanna Lewin (Vital Voices - Business Women’s Network hub, the Eagle Women Empowerment Club (EWEC)). Born and raised in Hawaii, Josanna studied in Costa Rica for 6 months with the American Field Service (AFS) in 1998. She received her BA in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2004. Upon graduation, Josanna spent a year working as an English teacher at the Universidad Central de Ecuador in Quito, Ecuador, and in Italy. Josanna spent three years working in San Francisco in the business development field. She is fluent in Spanish and has worked as a Sexual Health Educator with the Marin Aids Project (MAP) for at risk Latino youth. At the time of her fellowship, Josanna was pursing her Master’s in Public Administration AT the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS). After her fellowship, Josanna wrote: “It has been a summer of learning, sharing and laughing with some incredible women. They are beautiful women and it is these women, these mothers, these sisters, these leaders, who are the future of Africa. This was a truly incredible summer and I’ve had such a positive experience. I’ve fallen in love with Ghana!"

T-minus 4 days!

27 May

T-minus four days until I embark upon my Ghanaian adventure.  As I sit at my parent’s home in Washington DC, typing away in the sweet summer night air, I find myself wandering off up into my head, pondering the challenges and adventures that await me in Ghana.  My curiosities and questions are endless, of course.  Some are simple and some a bit more complex.  Really, though, just how hot is it in Accra during the summer months? And is it true that I might actually, physically melt?  Will I be able to find my beloved (and necessary) cup of coffee each morning and if not, do Ghanaians get their morning jolt some other way?  Do taxis take tips? ?  How does the public school system function? What are the major challenges of a successful Ghanaian businesswoman?  And of immediate concern, what exactly will I eat for dinner Sunday night?  An onion? As a predominantly visual thinker, in a sense, Ghana is my onion.  With so much to explore and learn about Ghana and its people, I hope to peel away (carefully and with my eyes open!) the many layers of culture, tradition and history that make Ghana the amazing place that so many have described to me.

Having never been to the African continent, I am beyond excited (ok, thrilled!) to experience a new culture.  But more importantly (and less selfishly), I am excited to be working directly with one of Vital Voices African Business Women Network Hubs, the Eagle Women’s Empowerment Club (EWEC).  Based out of Accra, Ghana’s capitol, EWEC is committed to empowering women to achieve their highest potential economically and socially through mentorship, leadership and small business training.  As an Advocacy Project Fellow in partnership with Vital Voices, I will specifically focus on providing EWEC with a forum for peer learning, information exchange, business development, access to education, resources and tools, and building networks for businesswomen in the region. It is truly a privilege to be chosen as an Advocacy Project Fellow and I hope to make a lasting contribution both this summer and into the future with The Advocacy Project.

While I do not expect the next three months to be easy, I am ready.  Ready to devote myself to the Eagle Women’s Empower Club.  Ready to assimilate into a new culture as well as share my own culture with others.   And ready to contribute my knowledge and expertise in a meaningful and tangible way to the women of Ghana.

Ghana, I am ready for you.   See you in 4 days!

Ready for Ghana

Flying to DC

Posted By Josanna Lewin

Posted May 27th, 2010

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  • Mike Isiramen

    July 25, 2010


    Interesting and inspiring.
    I believe in your good work. This is your age and you’ll get us there.

    Bravo Marylin


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