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Colby Pacheco (Dženo Association): Colby completed his Bachelor of Science degree in business at the University of Rhode Island. After graduation, Colby volunteered in the AmeriCorps*VISTA program for one year at the Volunteer Center of San Diego County. While acting as the Disaster Response Coordinator at the Volunteer Center, Colby helped shape the disaster response volunteer program, recruited community volunteers to act as leaders and conducted outreach and emergency preparedness trainings in low-income communities in San Diego. At the time of his fellowship, he was studying for a Master's degree at the School of International Relations & Pacific Studies (IR/PS) at the University of California, San Diego.

The Emergence of the Far-Right in Hungary

28 Aug

I’ve been delving into the topic of neo-fascism quite often in this blog. The reason being that extremist elements in European governments, nearly without exception, point to the Roma community as the root cause of crime in countries. Sometimes this platform has little appeal to the average voter and other times there is widespread support. However, the challenge to human rights activists and the Roma community is whether these groups are a fleeting out-pouring of hate or an established mainstay in the country’s political structure.

In his detailed article on the subject, Adam LeBor (The Times, The Economist, The New York Times) argues that With its black uniforms and Arpad banners, the Garda is now a brand, instantly recognizable, one that will always have some share of the market.

Like many other post-communist states, Hungary has the destiny of its country firmly in its hands. However, the ways in which it cracks down on extremists or the lack of denunciation issued may well pave the way for the future of the country.

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Posted Aug 28th, 2008

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