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Carolyn Ramsdell (Survivor Corps in El Salvador): Carolyn received her Bachelor’s degree in journalism and Political Science from Northern Arizona University. She then spent three years in Bolivia with the Peace Corps, where she worked in rural indigenous villages. After her return from Bolivia, Carolyn spent a year working as the Volunteer Resources Manager for St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance, the world’s first food bank. At the time of her fellowship, Carolyn was completing her Master’s degree in sustainable development at SIT Graduate Institute with a concentration on policy analysis and advocacy. Her research was focused on development trends in Latin America and human rights.

To Keep Out the Rain

30 Jul

As an integrated part of the Red de Sobrevivientes’ many ongoing projects, the NGO is assisting people in rural areas to improve their living conditions. As survivors become part of the growing network of people with disabilities in their area, they commit to doing community service projects, attend local advocacy workshops, and help provide peer support for one another.

The Red started working in Ilobasco just over a year ago. They are now assisting more than 45 people in the surrounding area, several of whom expressed to me that they had felt neglected and left behind until outreach worker, Armando Fabian, began to visit them in their homes.

Along with other programs, such as; health, social empowerment, and economic opportunities, the Red supports survivors most in need with basic repairs to their homes, as well as much needed relief in the form of food, medical supplies and/or furniture. This is the story of one couple and the improvements the Red is helping them make to their home.

When I met Isidro and Francisca last week, their hospitality and openness left a huge impression on me. They are both a little camera shy, and admitted to being embarrassed by their living conditions. I hope this short video does them justice and captures the kindness, warmth and gratitude I felt from them that day.

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To Keep Out the Rain

Posted By Carolyn Ramsdell

Posted Jul 30th, 2009

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