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Shweta Dewan (Bosnian Family – BOSFAM): Shweta was born and brought up in Zambia. This has greatly influenced her outlook on development and her understanding of society. After completing her BA in government from the University of Texas at Austin, Shweta returned home to Zambia to work with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. She went on to work with the USAID-funded American Institutes for Research, where she gained practical experience implementing microfinance projects for widows and young school girls. She later worked at United Nations Children’s Fund in Zambia. At the time of her fellowship she was a graduate student at Columbia University pursuing a dual-degree in international affairs and public health. After her fellowship, Shweta wrote: "I feel that so many people still do not know about the magnitude of what happened in Bosnia and the effects that still make the lives of so many in Bosnia so difficult. There are still many eyes to be opened – something the Advocacy Project has learnt how to do well, and so yes, I do feel that there is a message that needs to be made heard, and supported, with AP’s help."

Tuzla – Sarajevo – Frankfurt – Jo’Burg – Lusaka – NY

21 Aug

I am back in Zambia and my whole Bosnian trip seems like a distant dream. It all went by so quickly and I am now here going over the events that occurred in Bosnia. I remember, it was in the first few days of me being in Tuzla, the Eurocup was going on and Croatia was playing against Turkey; I had gone for coffee with another AP Fellow who was also based in Tuzla, and had come back home before the end of the game. I was just about to go to bed when I heard a loud sound, similar to a gunshot. I heard another and then another. My heart started pounding, I called Antigona, the AP Peace Fellow, and asked her what was going on, hoping she would have more insight than I did since she had a week more than I did on her plate…making her a seasoned inhabitant of Tuzla. It was just fireworks since Turkey won the game. That was one of my first experiences there and looking back, I came to Bosnia knowing far less than I do now. I am extremely grateful for the experience and plan on keeping in touch with Bosfam and the lovely people I met in Tuzla. Hopefully, we will find new avenues for Bosfam to explore and find more people to support their amicable cause.

Bosnia is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited, ironically, with one of the harshest realities. I truly hope that eventually, people will get justice, those who committed these crimes will be punished for them and the new generations will be wiser.

I am grateful for this experience and wish Bosfam all the best, because that is exactly what each and every woman there deserves.

Take care…

Posted By Shweta Dewan

Posted Aug 21st, 2008


  • Alison

    August 27, 2008


    Hi Shweta! Just read through all your blogs – what an incredible summer. I’m looking forward to seeing you (hopefully) soon in NYC!

  • Shweta

    August 27, 2008


    Hey Alison! Thanks for reading! I’ve already started packing – its definitely been a busy/hectic/insightful summer! Looking forward to seeing you too 🙂 take care.

  • Owen

    September 3, 2008


    Thanks very much, Shweta, for the insight you’ve given myself and others into the people at BOSFAM and their work. It’s through the insight that you’ve provided into the impact of Srebrenica on these few individuals that we get a glimpse of the enormity of what happened. But it’s also heartening to know how courageously they cope with the challenges of everyday life as well. You’ve done a good job telling us about them!

  • Shweta

    September 8, 2008


    Owen, I’m so glad that there are people like you who take such an interest – it is through these stories and the lives of these individuals that allow for us to understand the true impact on society and local communities when atrocities like this occur. Thanks for following my journey – it was really very encouraging to keep getting feedback.

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