Katie Conlon (Palestine)

Katie is a student in the Honors Tutorial College at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, pursuing a BA in History and a certificate in Law, Justice & Culture. She first became interested in issues of transitional justice in 2013 after a week-long study abroad to Northern Ireland. She spent the summer of 2014 conducting research in Cambodia about the experience of the Cham Muslim minority in the Khmer Rouge Tribunal. She has studied Arabic for two years and focuses her studies on issues of gender and law in the Middle East. After the fellowship, she wrote: "The fellowship has definitely reinforced and changed my ability to adapt to new environments and given me a better idea about the kind of work environment I want to work in when I graduate." Contact: kconlon@advocacynet.org

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Posted By Katie Conlon (Palestine)

Posted Jun 26th, 2015


  • Katharine Baker

    June 27, 2015


    Hi Katie, This is a really good blog and I’m glad you are sharing the complexities of the Area A-B-C system with your readers. It has such powerful psychological implications for Palestinians as well as physical and geographic. Keep up the good work and please keep us on your distribution list! KB

  • Sherrill Hogen

    June 27, 2015


    Hi Katie, I am another member of American Friends of PHF and work closely with Katharine and Peter. Thank you so much for helping Mohammed and PHF, and for your observations on life in Palestine – which I know well as I travel there annually.
    Understanding Areas A,B and C – product of the Oslo Peace Process (!) is essential, so you did well to start there. Good luck and enjoy Palestinian hospitality! Peace, Sherrill

  • Celia Miller

    June 28, 2015


    Hello Katie, finally off the bike long enough to check out your of and now I’m really excited to follow it and hear your observations, thanks again for contributing financially to PHF which you are already investing yourself and your time in. I wish you the best,

  • Katie Conlon

    June 29, 2015


    Thank you all for your comments; I’m really enjoying my time here! I’ve learned so much from Mohammed and the others at PHF about land and restrictions on movement since I’ve been here. I know it’s an issue that Mohammed is very knowledgeable and passionate about, so I look forward to learning more.

  • Lauren Blommel

    July 1, 2015


    This was something that I was not aware of, either: that there are so many invisible borders that it must become incredibly difficult to navigate in more than one sense of the word. I think from your blog we will all continue to learn about and understand the situations at hand. Thank you for writing this!

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