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Julia Dowling (Bosnian Family – BOSFAM): Julia studied Classical Vocal Performance at Temple University, Irish history at University College Cork in Cork, Ireland, and Comparative Colonial History at Smith College. She graduated with a Bachelors Degree from Smith in 2009. Julia served as Chair of the Smith Student Global AIDS Campaign for three years, educating the student body, advocating to local decision makers, and connecting local HIV+ communities with the campus. Julia has also lived in Durban, South Africa, where she studied Reconciliation and Development with the School for International Training and spent three summers as a participant and program assistant for Global Youth Connect in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the time of her fellowship, Julia was working at Jubilee USA, a network that works for economic justice and debt cancellation for poor countries. After her fellowship Julia wrote: “This fellowship …has broadened my understanding on a personal and professional level of what reconciliation and justice mean… It pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and challenged me intellectually like never before. I would say that these past six months have been the hardest, yet most rewarding period of growth I have ever experienced in my adult life.”

Welcome to Bosnia!

09 Jun

I arrived in Bosnia on May 28th.  After nearly a year of being away, I sat in the propeller plane full of nerves.  I was energized by what I saw: a country lush with green mountains and clear, blue rivers.  To me, Bosnia really is the most beautiful place I have ever had the privilege of visiting.  My first video blog is simply to share the beauty and, in a way, begin to deconstruct the stereotypes of Bosnia as only a war torn and “lost” country.

[youtube gAPgLaya6gc]

I know that multitudes of challenges will present themselves to me, but I find that in difficult times I can return to Bosnia’s land and people and feel restored and ready to face the next day.

More to come soon, including a brief stay in the hospital, the language barrier, news on Mladic’s trial in the Hague, and my first days in Tuzla…  In the meantime, check out my latest photographs from Bosnia here on flickr.

Posted By Julia Dowling

Posted Jun 9th, 2011


  • Margot

    June 9, 2011


    Gorgeous footage Julia! Looking forward to viewing more of the the project as it unrolls. Good luck!

    • Julia Dowling

      June 19, 2011


      Thank you so much Margot! I love reading your own blog and seeing all the amazing things you cook up. Glad to know that we’re both doing so well and are able to keep in touch.

  • Emily Miller

    June 9, 2011


    Julia, the country reminds me of parts of Poland. Such lush countryside. I look forward to hearing and seeing more. Em

    • Julia Dowling

      June 19, 2011


      It really is one of the prettiest countries I’ve been to – I love it despite the huge language barriers I continue to face!

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