Chantal Uwizera (Nepal)

Chantal Uwizera

Chantal Uwizera (Backward Society Education – BASE): Chantal was born in Rwanda and came to the US at a young age. Growing up in Rwanda and its tragic history gave her an acute sense of the importance of human rights. Chantal received her bachelor degree in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Indianapolis in 2006. Upon graduation, she worked with the Indiana local and state governments. At the time of her fellowship, she was pursuing her Masters at American University in the School of International Service in the International Peace and Conflict Resolution program with a special concentration on human rights advocacy and international litigation. After her fellowship Chantal wrote: “The experience reminded me to take time and just enjoy the people around you… [and] to see the human aspect of child labor.”

07 Aug

A Child Club Unites To Support A Former Child Laborer

What happens when you run up against the deep problems of life and the mystery, you find that they aren’t any easy answers. This week, I was again reminded that it only takes a small number of dedicated people to effect change. Regardless of the adversity that the children in this community face, they are […]

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Posted Aug 07, 2011

07 Aug

The Child love blanket completed.. Byana project next…

As promised, below are the pictures of the final product, the love blanket. It is probably better to start this blog by congratulating AP fellow, Maelanny who was also a peace fellow with BASE and had begun the blanket project prior to my arrival. The blanket represents paintings from 77% of former child laborers from […]

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Posted Aug 07, 2011

08 Jul

Nepalgunj: the paradox of success

The difficulty of regulating child labor in Nepal becomes obvious as one travels across the country. While in Nepalgunj, we were served by a waiter who was probably around the age of 12. He cleaned our tables, cleared away the dirty dishes, brought us water and took our orders, tasks that he performs many times […]

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Posted Jul 08, 2011

04 Jul

Drawing my childhood..( the process of making a love blanket)

What would my childhood drawings look like? When I was little, my father used to ask me to draw him and his friends. He would beam with pride as he shows off my drawings, which I was told were nothing more than just four lines to make legs and arms and an oval shape for […]

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Posted Jul 04, 2011

26 Jun

First week in the field

A week has passed since I have been in Nepal. I am now in Tulsipur where I will be living for the remainder of my time here. The organization that I am working with is called BASE (Backward Society Education). It is a grassroots people’s movement involving around 200,000 members. It is an organization that […]

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Posted Jun 26, 2011

24 Jun

The journey begins… (written on June 18th)

If anything about the next two months in Nepal is going to be like the last 48 hours, then you are all in for a good treat and a good laugh. On June 15, 2011, I decided that I had waited enough for an Indian Visa and would rather attempt to get a visa to […]

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Posted Jun 24, 2011





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