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Oscar Alvarado (The Coalition for Gun Control): Oscar is a dual citizen of Canada and Panama whose academic, professional and volunteer work has taken him to all continents. He is fluent in English, Spanish and French. After receiving his BA in Biomedical Science and Economics from McGill University, Oscar spent a year in Kazakhstan as an English teacher with the United Nations Volunteers. He then earned an MA in Environmental Security from the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica. Prior to his AP fellowship, Oscar also interned at the Security Governance / Counter-Terrorism Laboratory of the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) in Turin, Italy.

Canada and a certain neighbour country’s lobbyists

22 Sep

It all sounds a bit too familiar.

A political issue with a perceived division between rural and urban populations (except this particular issue is a public safety one,  first and foremost, that should be above such politicization).

A party, claiming to speak on behalf of rural citizens despite ignoring all of their other concerns, that doesn’t hold back its disdain for urban “Toronto elites“.

A gun community with some valid concerns but who instead choose to make gun registration, and not any other form of registration, a battle over “freedom“.

A gun association – with it’s own legislative action institute (where have I seen that before?) – lobbying on behalf of gun owner’s rights (sorry, no 2nd amendment here).

An aggressive “us vs. them” campaign, including radio ads and billboards, that leaves no room for compromise or cooperation.

A politician suggesting that there is a conspiracy between police and government to support the long-gun registry so that they can eventually take away Canadians’ guns.

I mean, where the hell did all this come from?

Oh wait. The NRA has been giving “tremendous amounts” of assistance and logistical support to gun lobby groups in Canada to fight the registry?

And these same lobby groups are the ones influencing the Conservative government’s firearms advisory committee?

Ah, nevermind then. It makes sense now.

And for the record, I am just as upset that Avaaz is meddling in our politics. They suck too.

Posted By Oscar Alvarado

Posted Sep 22nd, 2010

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