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Dan Alpert is a senior marketing major and international development and conflict management minor at the University of Maryland. Throughout his time at the university, Dan has served in a wide variety of leadership roles on campus and currently serves as the Student Body President. In other roles, Dan has served as a marketing intern at an international non-profit operating in 40+ countries, the community service chair in different organizations on campus, and as the Student Liaison to the College Park City Council. In his capstone to international development class, Dan had the opportunity to consult a community-based organization in Kenya looking to expand his capacity building trainings which spurred his interest in the intersection of business and development.

Corporate Social Responsibility and State Laws

10 Apr

Just the other week, we saw the news that Major League Baseball (MLB) would be moving its All-Star game out of Atlanta due to the state of Georgia’s new voter suppression laws. These laws, passed just the other month, severely limit access to the ballot box and do not advance our democracy. 


As a result of these new laws, MLB decided to take a public stand by moving a prominent game that they hold every year. Other companies have made similar actions in relation to different incidents across the nation.


These actions raise good questions about how companies engage in corporate social responsibility when it relates to state law. 


LEVICK, a public relations and crisis communications firm, put out an article detailing how companies can carefully and appropriately engage in these actions. Among their list included being genuine, engaging with intention, and not being performative about your actions. 


In other words, companies can and should engage in these types of actions but should not do so simply to raise their bottom line and profit margins. They should do so because it matters to the values of their company and then they should make a commitment to better the community around them given their social and financial power. 


We’ve seen companies become more and more engaged with social issues and laws that arise, specifically within their headquartered state. This is nothing new to this year or last, yet with more access to spread ideas with the growth of the internet and social media platforms, companies have more power with their words than ever before.


It is critical that companies play a part in expressing their discontent with laws and policies that suppress citizens and use their online presence and power to spread awareness and spearhead action. 


The MLB moving a prominent baseball game out of Atlanta not only makes a statement but also makes a financial impact on the state. The MLB cannot let this be their one action and let it become performative. Instead, they need to use this as a starting point for enhanced voter education, access, and engagement efforts. 


Companies should engage in long-term corporate social responsibility and make actionable and meaningful statements, not just one-time performative actions. More companies should follow the MLB and do more to support those in our communities that need us the most. 

Posted By Dan Alpert

Posted Apr 10th, 2021

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