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Christine Carlson (Gulu Disabled Persons Union): Christine received her BA from The Evergreen State College. She went on to work for Planned Parenthood in Seattle, advocating for reproductive health strategies; co-manage a project on HIV-AIDS with PATH (the Northwest Microbicides Campaign Bill) funded by the Gates Foundation; and worked as an associate producer for Bill Nye’s series “The Eyes of Nye.” Christine was pursuing a Master’s in International Public Administration at the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) at the time of her fellowship. After her fellowship, Christine wrote: “I was extremely lucky to have such a wonderful group of people to work with. They are highly social and welcomed me eagerly. They tried to put my desk in an outside office, but I insisted on being put in the main office. I often bought sodas and fruit for the whole office, took photos constantly (which they loved) and was always available to lend a hand or an ear.”

Deaf Candidate for Parliment in Uganda!

22 Jun

Mr. Ambrose Murangira is running for Uganda’s Parliament! But he does not want to run for the seat reserved for persons with disabilities he is running for the Youth Seat instead. “I do not want to be defined by my disability.” We sat and talked through an interpreter for hours over African spicy tea.  I learned how after a bad case of the measles he became deaf at a very young age.  Ambrose has been a leader for equal rights for deaf persons all his life and at 28, he is currently the Chairperson for the Uganda National Association of the Deaf. From his incredibly positive attitude you would think that he had never encountered any adversity. I found him incredibly inspiring. He spoke about how there has been a lot of legislation for persons with disabilities though little money and little action by the Ugandan Ministry of Health or Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Affairs.  I hope that his campaign succeeds and that he will create legislation that forces the Ugandan government to live up to its promises. The primary election is this month. Good luck Ambrose!

Posted By Christine Marie Carlson

Posted Jun 22nd, 2010

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  • Erin

    June 22, 2010


    Give all the candidates our best wishes from AP! They are inspiring….

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