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Juliet Hutchings (World Peasants and Indigenous Organization - WPIO): Juliet’s passion for telling stories through film and video took her to the NGO Veronica’s Story, and then to Ethiopia where she documented how the international community is working to eradicate the AIDS virus and help orphans find safe, healthy homes. She worked on several documentaries during her undergraduate studies at Northeastern University in Boston. Juliet has also made an historical film about how children perceived the Communist regime in 1950s Central Europe, in Prague, Czech Republic. She has also made a short film about the nonprofit organization HIPS, Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive. At the time of her fellowship, Juliet was in her final year of an MFA program in film & electronic media at American University in Washington, DC. After her fellowship, Juliet wrote: “There are always benefits to these community connections: time and again, no matter who I talk with about my experiences in Africa, I hear the refrain, “It’s people like you who are helping people like me, one at a time, to understand what the world is like, and that there is a group out there (the pygmies) who are in deep danger and need assistance.”

Donate to put Flip Cameras in the hands of all 2009 Fellows and their Partners

30 Apr

Hi Folks. Yes, it has been about 8 months since my last post (cliche alert: where the heck does the time go??), but today’s post is important to me.

Last year, I donated 2 Flip Video Cameras to the WPIO, and Pascal, in particular, took to it like a fish in water. Below, I’ve posted an example of his first foray into making a video about the partnership between the WPIO and Amnesty International.


The Advocacy Project is now raising funds for all the 2009 Fellows to be able to bring Flip cameras with them to their partners this summer. I’ve already donated $10. Just go to The Advocacy Project’s donation page: http://advocacynet.org/page/flip

And, again, thank you for all the support you gave to me last summer! There is more video to come from the WPIO. Stay tuned!

Posted By Juliet Hutchings

Posted Apr 30th, 2009

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