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Oluwatooni "Tooni" Akanni (Gideon Foundation): Tooni was born in Nigeria and raised in Minnesota. She received her BA in Psychology and African Studies from the University of Minnesota in 2008. At the time of her fellowship she was pursuing her Master’s degree at New York University Center for Global Affairs, concentrating in International Development and Humanitarian Assistance. While at NYU, Tooni also interned at the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Market Women’s Fund. After her fellowship Tooni wrote: “This fellowship has been a life changing experience for me. I see the world in such a completely different way. My field experience can be a book all by itself. I learnt so much information in such a short time in Uganda. What I've learned within this fellowship is invaluable and priceless and it’s something you can't learn from the books or in the classroom.”

Following My Heart: Stopping Child Sacrifice in Uganda

04 Jun

Soroti, Uganda

It’s official! As many of you know, in less than 2 weeks I’ll be heading to Soroti, Uganda to work as a peace fellow with the Gideon Foundation. My flight will go from Minneapolis to New York City to Brussels to Entebbe. With a total of 22 hours. I’ll be using this blog to document my time in Uganda and to educate and raise awareness on the heinous practice of child sacrifice.

Child sacrifice is the killing, mutilation or removal of  the body parts of a child for witchcraft, ritual practices or sale. In Uganda, this senseless crime has become a commodity of exchange and sadly, it has developed into a commercial business. Over the last few years, child sacrifice has been on  the rise  in Uganda.  Reports have shown that over 3,000 children are believed to be sacrificed each year within the country. There are various economic and social factors that promote this horrific crime. This includes but is not limited to the following: desire for wealth or  good  health, superstitious beliefs, extreme poverty, deception by traditional healer etc.

During my fellowship, I’ll be working with the Gideon Foundation to put together a campaign that would raise awareness and eventually promote a law to make child sacrifice illegal in Uganda. I am ready and prepared for the challenges I will face during this fellowship. And, I am determined to bring a voice to those families whose voices have been suppressed and silenced for so long. I am both excited and nervous as I have never done anything like this before. However, I know that this fellowship will be an educational and rewarding experience for me.

If you would like to keep up to date with my experiences in Uganda, sign-up  to receive e-mail notifications of my new posts at the bottom right-hand corner of this page. Although, my access to the internet may be limited, I will do my best to post updates on a weekly basis. I am greatly looking forward to this new chapter in my life and eager for the new experiences that life in Uganda will bring. To learn more about the organization I’ll be working with, please visit http://gideonfoundation.com/.

Let the adventure begin……

Posted By Oluwatooni Akanni

Posted Jun 4th, 2012


  • Sam

    June 4, 2012


    Hello my sister, be prepared for an unforgettable experience that can never be read from any book. Be courageous and always remember during thick and thing of your stay there that the Lord is your banner.

  • iain

    June 10, 2012


    This is nicely written, Tooni. Look forward to strong blogs this summer….!

  • Bobbi Fitzsimmons

    June 14, 2012


    Hi Tooni, this is Bobbi Fitzsimmons in Sumter, SC. I send you best wishes as you embark on your fellowship. My group and I are ready to work on the quilt for this cause. Keep in touch and we can send you ideas if you think it will be helpful. Bobbi

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