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Courtney Radsch (Middle East Reporter, Lebanon) Courtney was studying in the Master of Science in Foreign Service program at Georgetown University when she volunteered for Middle East Reporter (MER) in Beirut, Lebanon and placed articles in the Daily Star newspaper. The Reporter published a daily English-language digest of Arabic news from Beirut and offered training to journalists in the Middle East. In her evaluation Courtney wrote: “While at the Daily Star I confronted the prospect of self-censorship and political pressure, and learned how to work as a team in a high-pressure deadline situation. I also gained a lot of practice making news decisions and writing news stories. I discovered that I am very interested in journalism, and perhaps in advocacy journalism. Working for a respected and independent paper in a region that is often portrayed in a hostile manner by the American media made me realize that even the most lauded media organizations must make difficult decisions about what to publish, what words to use and which details to include where."

Knowing What’s Up

20 Jul

I met a Lebanese man today recently returned from Iraq who told me about a man he met there who had been imprisoned for years by former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein’s regime. Relegated to a tiny cell too small for him to stand up in or stretch out in, the man didn’t see a ray of light for weeks at a time. Barely subsisting on one daily portion of gruel (if he was lucky), the man had to defecate in a corner of his cell and sleep on the concrete floor. This, he told me, is why he doesn’t care if President Bush’s assertion about weapons of mass destruction as his justification for war is true or not. The Iraqi people were in a horrible situation under Saddam and are infinitely better off now.

Such an opinion seems to fly in the face of the daily accounts from the “restive” town of Falluja or other Iraqi hot-spots where the so-called coalition forces come under nearly daily attacks from irate Iraqis, or the protests by 10,000 Shiite clerics demanding occupation forces leave.

Who is right?

As the last weeks of my internship fly by I am realizing how much I will miss having access to the wires, where I can see the news as it is happening and read the different interpretations of the same event from AP, AFP and Reuters. I’ve never felt so educated and on top of things as I have this summer as I devour the latest news like it was my last supper.

Posted By Courtney Radsch (Lebanon)

Posted Jul 20th, 2003

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