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Maelanny Purwaningrum (Backward Education Society – BASE): Maelanny grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. She earned a Bachelors Degree in International Relations from Padjadjaran University, Indonesia. The following year, she received a scholarship from the Norwegian Center for Human Rights to continue her studies at Oslo University and at the time of her fellowship she was pursuing a Masters Degree on human rights at the faculty of law in Oslo. Maelanny’s academic interests include children’s rights, Islam, and international development. After her fellowship she wrote: “It has broadened my mind on the complex problems that Nepal faces but not covered by the news. I appreciate social entrepreneurship more than before.”

Marathon for A Good Cause!

22 Nov

Have you ever done a marathon?

I still remember my first marathon day in the senior high school. In the last lap, my lungs felt so tight, breathing in and out very fast, grasping for breath, my mouth was dried, my chest was burning. I was not even sure if I could finish the marathon without fainting. Thank God, I finished the marathon alive.

No wonder, I always admire marathoner. But, if you asked me to do a marathon, I’d certainly say that I very much prefer swimming for many laps.

Earlier this year, Malcolm Langford, my lecturer at the University of Oslo, mailed me that he wanted to raise some money by participating in a ski marathon. I was quite shock, I knew he hurt himself in the ski area not so long ago, but it could not stop him. He then mentioned that it will be for charity and would like to donate the fund for bonded child labour cause. I was very impressed. I wished him my very best.

Before the race, Malcolm had contacted his friends, colleagues and networks who then promised to donate their money.

Malcolm making his way to the finish line

I must say that I am sure I have experienced more painful things in life than the last ten kilometers of the race, but at this stage I can’t remember what they were. (Malcolm Langford)

And, he made it!!
He managed to collect around USD 1,054 in total which was more than the sponsor pledges.

The fund has been channeled through the Advocacy Project for a collaborative project with BASE. The project seeks to collect data and information regarding bonded child labour practice which prevails in the south-western Terai area of Nepal. Later on, this data will be used to strengthen further efforts in eradicating bonded child labour practice, such as prosecution, rescue, rehabilitation, and recovery processes.

A big thank you for Malcolm and all of his supporters,

from us (cheering on the sidelines)…


Posted By Maelanny Purwaningrum

Posted Nov 22nd, 2012

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