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Teresa Bottman (Dzeno Association): Teresa immigrated to the US from the Czech Republic in her early teens. She then dedicated herself to understanding immigrants and marginalized youth and worked for Slavic American Youth Zane, an online magazine of writing and art by Russian-speaking American youth; Community Art Share, a showcase of artists from underrepresented group; and Czechs in America, a bilingual pod cast highlighting the experiences of Czech immigrants in the US. Teresa holds a Master’s of Education degree from Portland State University. At the time of her fellowship she was teaching high school Language Arts, English-as-a-Second-Language and Drama in Portland, Oregon. After her fellowship Teresa wrote: “I fell in love with human rights journalism. The fellowship was an incredible experience. I learned a lot, became more confident about my ability to interview people and present issues in an in-depth and informed way."

Open Letter to the Leadership of the Czech Political Party TOP 09/Otevřený dopis vedení politické strany TOP 09

13 Aug

Vážený pane Schwarzenbergu,

Ráda bych Vás upozornila na to, že nesouhlasím s postem lídra kandidátky TOP 09 pana Jiřího Jezerského, jelikož je znám nesnášenlivými výroky proti Romům, viz

Jeho prohlášení jsou ostudná, urážející a zastrašující. Politiky, kteří se takhle vyjadřují bychom neměli tolerovat. Mohlo by nám to udělat i mezinárodní ostudu.

Žádám tedy, aby TOP 09 zvážili ponechání pana Jezerského v postu.

Tereza Bottman


Dear Mr. Schwarzenberg,

I want to call your attention to the fact that I disagree with the leadership position of Jiří Jezerský on the TOP 09 party list, because he is known for his hateful statements targeting the Roma (as publicized by Romea News Service).

Jezerský’s statements are shameful, insulting and fear-inducing. We should not tolerate politicians who express themselves in this manner. This situation could even become an embarrassment on an international level.

I therefore ask TOP 09 to please consider removing Mr Jezerský from the candidate list.

Thank you,
Tereza Bottman

Note to blog readers: Specifically, Jiří Jezerský has previously expressed his desire to shoot Roma living at the Bedřiška settlement in the northeastern Czech town of Ostrava.

Update: On August 20, Czech Foreign Minister and chair of the conservative TOP 09 party Karel Schwarzenberg backed Jiří Jezerský, the party’s leading candidate for the autumn municipal elections despite Jezerský racist statements four years ago. Leaders in the Romani community have criticized Schwarzenberg’s stance.

Posted By Tereza Bottman

Posted Aug 13th, 2010

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  • chad evans wyatt

    August 14, 2010


    Tereza –
    You’ve gone from being a leading journalist in CZ, to becoming essential. All in a space of months.

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