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Karin has a history of engagement with human rights. She studied for her Bachelors Degree at University of California, Santa Cruz, where she majored in Community Studies. She then worked with Global Exchange and Human Rights Watch in San Francisco, California and served as an English language instructor for two years in Quito, Ecuador. At the time of her fellowship, Karin was studying for a Masters degree at the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) with a focus on Conflict Resolution and Human Rights in Latin America. After her fellowship, Karin wrote: “I felt a strong sense of solidarity with the relatives of the disappeared. I absolutely loved the fellowship and realized that my peak moments were being in the field with the people and feeling empowered by their strong belief in hope. I love making videos!"

Personal Profile: Meet Nelson Rivas

15 Sep

As a young Peruvian who was born at the same time and location when and where terrorism struck in Peru, Nelson Rivas, tells me his story. Whether it’s about being a family member of the disappeared, internally displaced by the conflict, or the impact that racism against Quechua speakers has had in his life, his present line of work as a Researcher for EPAFs department of Memory, has been a testament to his resilience when growing up during Peru’s political violence. I had the pleasure of working closely with Mr. Rivas who constantly impressed me with his extended knowledge of the region of Ayacucho; from its in-depth violent past, optimistic prospects for its future, and endless promises for its people. Nelson shared everything from the different types of flowers that were in season in Ayacucho, the region’s many folk tales, to sharing his knowledge of one of the region’s Native languages. As truly a man of his time and an instrument to voice the voices of the voiceless,  I felt Nelson exemplified the importance of knowing one’s history while actively pursuing a better future for those who remain impacted the most by Peru’s violence. So please don’t forget to watch, Social Anthropologist and EPAF Researcher, Nelson Rivas, on his journey to preserve memory in Peru.


Posted By Karin Orr

Posted Sep 15th, 2010

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  • Karin Orr

    September 15, 2010


    I forgot to thank Nelson in my video for letting me interview him and for teaching me so much while I was working with him. Si estas leyendo este por favor, escuchame a decir “Muchas gracias y abrazos a ti!”

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