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Autumn Graham (Citizens’ Constitutional Forum – CCF - Fiji): Autumn grew up in Nouvelle-Calédonie, a French overseas territory in the South Pacific. During the ten years she lived abroad with her parents, she attended 5 different public schools, followed by high school near Montreal, Québec. Autumn earned her BA from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service with a regional concentration in Western Europe and a focus on French politics. At the time of her fellowship, Autumn was pursuing her Master’s of Art in Law and Diplomacy at the Fletcher School, Tufts University, with a concentration in international negotiation/conflict resolution and post-conflict studies.

South Pacific

20 May

I’m very excited about returning to the South Pacific. I have not been back since 1992 – a long, long time. It has been so long that I don’t remember the heat, just how much I loved growing up in Nouvelle-Calédonie. Hopefully, I won’t find it too shocking.

Fiji will be interesting to be in a familiar, yet new surrounding. I have only been there twice when I was young, and don’t remember much beyond the beautiful trees.

I don’t believe I’ll register much of Fiji when I first land. I will have gone directly from exams, to packing, to training, to Fiji. I will have been of my “sleep cycle” for 2 weeks. Yikes. I’ll be longing for a bed!

I am looking forward to working with CCF. I learned of the organization and their work, while researching constitutional reform for my Rule of Law course. I chose Fiji as my country of focus and almost immediately stumbled upon mention of CCF.

In all the articles and chapters I read, CCF’s role in public participation and education projects surrounding the reform process and the new constitution. Learning that AP was seeking to send an intern to work with CCF was a very pleasant discovering.

OK, back to training!

Posted By Autumn Graham (Fiji)

Posted May 20th, 2006

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