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Jonathan Homer (Undugu Society): Jonathan is a native of Idaho and a graduate of Utah State University where he studied history and international economics. While at Utah State University, Jonathan volunteered for an international service organization that focused on humanitarian work in Mexico and South America. Jonathan also took a two-year break from his undergraduate studies to perform service in the islands of Micronesia, which introduced him to the importance of humanitarian work and international law. After his undergraduate studies, Jonathan interned at the US Department of State's Bureau of African Affairs and worked for US Senator Mike Crapo. At the time of his fellowship, Jonathan was a student at George Washington University Law School with an interest in international human rights law. After his fellowship, Jonathan wrote: "This summer allowed me to get in touch with a major part of humanity: the disempowered and weak. There is something personally empowering that comes from witnessing such suffering. I am very grateful to have had this experience."

Streets of Mugoya

08 Jul

I sat down with an eighteen year old boy the other day to interview him for a project I’m working on to highlight some of the street children who have been helped by Undugu. We sat eye to eye in the grass at the edge of a soccer field in Eastern Nairobi. I balanced my notebook on my leg and took notes as he laid out his biography for me in simple English phrases.

I asked him where he slept at night. I knew the answer before I asked it. I knew he slept on the street. But, in the name of accuracy, I asked anyway. He answered as I expected, “the streets in Mugoya.” I slowly wrote the word, M-U-G-O-Y-A; one letter at a time. Then, I traced each letter again while concentrating on my notebook, avoiding eye contact. I traced the letters a third time while digesting the thought of this boy sleeping on the street. I may have known it before I asked it, but I didn’t really grasp it until he told me. He sleeps on the streets……sleeps ON the streets…..on the dirt….on pavement….under stairwells…..under bus stops….in a field….in an alley….actually sleeps on the streets of Mugoya.

Posted By Jonathan Homer

Posted Jul 8th, 2007



    July 10, 2007


    You asked me once which blog I liked best. This is IT. Thank you for your inspiration.

  • Dan

    July 13, 2007


    Thanks, Jon. I don’t think I really grasp it either, as you said you initially didn’t. Living on the street is really hard to imagine. Thanks for trying to help us see what it is like. Thanks for all you are doing. I’ve highlighted your efforts on my blog. People need to read what you are writing. Best!

  • Meshach K. Ampwera

    July 25, 2007


    Many thanks for taking that great concern to apprehend the street life. But did you ask your self why you are doing so? how you should do it? how and when to rectify street grievance?, You know its had to think about it but brilliant and real to put your self in the shoe/ imagine with great concern to rectify the problem.
    Meshach K. Ampwera, MA- student Mbarara University.

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