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Carrie Hasselback (Afghan Women’s Network - AWN): Carrie received a B.A. from Michigan State University. During her undergraduate studies she also studied in Argentina and Italy. Carrie then worked for The Peace Corps in Romania for two years teaching English to children. At the time of her fellowship, she was studying at New York University pursuing a Master’s degree focusing on International Development and Nonprofit Management.

Surviving Peshawar

16 Jun

After what seemed like weeks of travel (but was really only two days), I finally made it to Peshawar. My luggage was not so fortunate. We were finally reunited today after a week apart. I wish it could talk. I think it has interesting stories to tell about its adventures in the past week. It looks like it has been through a lot anyway.

I arrived on a Friday and wanted to do nothing but sleep. I could not be productive as my brain was not functioning properly. I did have a meeting on Saturday though. One of my main projects to work on while I am here is to help AWM with a new web portal. My meeting was with the person who is in charge of this portal. He started using technical language and I was lost immediately. He was speaking English, but may as well have been speaking Farsi. Occasionally he would pause and ask for my ideas. I would just stammer and say I needed more information. I was relieved when the meeting turned to writing the project proposal. That is something I can do.

Today I began working on another project proposal for AWN. It is for an advocacy project to help imprisoned women and children in Afghanistan. Not only are the conditions very poor with a lot of reported abuse, but also there is much uncertainty surrounding the legality of their detention. The project is in its very early stages, but I hope that I am here long enough to see some of it carried out.

Along with proposal writing, I have attended some training sessions for AWN’s member NGOs that will help them implement the new web portal. Each member is learning how to design a website so they can do their own profiles on the web.

This weekend I am headed to Kabul to work at the office there. I have enjoyed working at the office in Peshawar, but I can’t say I will miss this heat…

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Posted Jun 16th, 2005

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