Lucas Wolf

Lucas Wolf (Survivor Corps in Ethiopia): Lucas served two years as a youth development volunteer with the Peace Corps in El Pueblo Villa de San Francisca in Honduras. He then traveled for five months throughout Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panamá, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Uruguay before settling in Buenos Aires. At the time of his fellowship, Lucas was studying at the Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires for a Master’s degree in International Relations and Peace and Conflict Studies. He attended as a Rotary World Peace Scholar.

Survivor Corps Live

08 Aug

One other thing before leaving the office:

Today we were able to download the youtube replay of Jerry White, one of the founders of Survivor Corps, and his appearance on Good Morning America this week. Excellent clip. The staff here in the office have been raving about it and we hope to show everyone here by next week. Very uplifting and powerful message from Mr. White.

Check it out here and then spread the good word about the excellent work that Survivor Corps/Landmine Survivors Network are doing at home and abroad.

Posted By Lucas Wolf

Posted Aug 8th, 2008