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Eliza Bates (Democracy and Workers' Rights Center - DWRC): Eliza graduated with honors and a BA in globalization and social movements from UC Berkeley. Eliza is committed to the right to free association and she worked on student-labor solidarity and anti-sweatshop campaigns while at university. Following graduation, Eliza worked in the labor movement in the United States for over five years as a researcher, organizer and lead union contract negotiator. Her interest in social justice and globalization inspired her to conduct an independent field research project in Mexico on the impacts of NAFTA on rural workers. She participated in several labor delegations to Latin America. At the time of her fellowship, Eliza was studying for a Master’s degree in international affairs with a concentration in human rights concentration at the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs.

that’s so gay!

23 Jun

On the occasion of the Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem on Thursday, Muslims, Christians and Jews united in their hatred of homosexuals.

It could be the answer to the middle-east conflict. It worked for the Republicans. They convinced impoverished Americans to vote for candidates that promised to slash welfare and cut healthcare funding by playing on their fear of queers.

Islamic militants and the racist Kach sect of Jews might disagree about the right of the Palestinian people to exist, but they would happily join together to throw stones at gays.

What other people do with their genitals is of prime concern to religious fundamentalists worldwide. While the material world grows increasingly unbearable, people turn to morality and scripture.

Orthodox Jews riot and Palestinians go into denial when the question of homosexuality arises.

Most people in the West Bank will tell you that homosexuality does not exist here.

“We don’t have those kind of people in Palestine,” they say.

But some Palestinians are more pragmatic about the issue.

“Why do we spend so much time worrying over these things,” asked my coworker. “When there is so much violence in the world, does it really make sense to focus on what people do in the privacy of their homes when they aren’t harming anyone?”

Good point.

Posted By Eliza Bates

Posted Jun 23rd, 2007

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