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Abisola Adekoya (Vital Voices - Women in Management and Business - WIMBIZ): Abisola received her BA in English and International Affairs from Illinois State University in 2007. At the time of her fellowship, she was in her first year at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, studying for a Masters degree in International Development. While at Georgetown, Abisola interned with the Africa Program Department of Search for Common Ground and volunteered as an English-French translator on behalf of asylum seekers through Georgetown University’s Center for Applied Legal Studies. After her fellowship, Abisola wrote: “What a summer this has been! This experience has given me the opportunity to reconnect with my roots (and) greatly exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I have never worked in such a challenging environment, so I’m incredibly proud of myself for completing all of my work plan."

the end is nigh…

10 Aug

Tomorrow, my fellowship here in Nigeria comes to an end. The last two weeks have been a true sprint to the finish line! Last week, aside from collecting the last of the Wimbiz Baseline Member Surveys (and finishing up several other projects!), I filmed and produced a short video on the Wimbiz Mentoring Program-at the request of the Executive Secretary. The video will be screened at Wimbiz’s Annual Conference in November, in front of a 350 person audience. It was a bit stressful fitting this in so late in my fellowship, but it was well worth the effort!

On Friday, July 31st, we invited several mentees into the Wimbiz office to capture their experiences and expectations. There were 2 groups: 5 women from the program’s 1st stream (which began in February) and 5 from the 2nd stream (most of which have yet to be paired with mentors).

The entire production was a team effort; Maureen (Program Assistant), moderated both interview sessions and designed our “set,” Tosin (Hub Program Manager) was lead photographer, and I was behind the Filp Camera, filming. Both sessions provided a fascinating look into just how influential this program has been. Most of 1st stream mentees said the experience fundamentally altered the way they do business, in terms of how they engage with their customers, manage their finances and staff. After hearing such praise, 2nd batch mentees are eager to begin. Can you blame them?

Hopefully, once the video is screened in November, it will be uploaded to YouTube, so you can all see it for yourselves!

Posted By Abisola Adekoya

Posted Aug 10th, 2010


  • Dara Lipton

    August 10, 2010


    Congrats Abisola! Travel safe and I look forward to seeing you stateside very soon!

  • Bayo Oyewole

    August 17, 2010


    Dear Abisola,

    Thanks for the great work you’ve done in Nigeria. I’m pleased you had the opportunity to also re-discover your roots while making such an important contribution to the empowerment of our women. I look forward to an opportunity to learn about your experiences during your visit. I’ll also be on the lookout for the video on You Tube!Please do stay in touch with the Advocacy Project.


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