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Malia (Lia) Mayson (Women's Consortium of Nigeria (WOCON): Malia is Liberian/American. She earned her B.A in International Affairs with a minor in Economics from the American University of Paris, France. She later worked as an assembly fellow at the California State Capitol and then moved to Spain to work with Latin American immigrants at a local NGO in Madrid. At the time of her fellowship, Malia was pursuing a Masters degree in Economic Development and African Studies at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

The Office

11 Jun

My first week at the office has actually been quite chilled out. I think it’s mostly due to the fact that Bisi, WOCON’s Executive Director (also my supervisor) has traveled with most of the office staff to attend a conference in Abuja. The only other people left with me at the office in Lagos are the accountant, Fumi and another lawyer, Mrs. Ajayi. So everything has been really quiet. I think it is clear that it is Bisi who is the life and soul of this organization. When she is not around it’s like everything goes into hibernation, patiently waiting for her return to once again spring back to life.

As for me, I’ve started working on the website. In doing so I have realized that there is so much I need to learn about this organization. I’ve started reading some of their files and reports but I’m finding it a bit challenging to navigate among all this information on my own. However, for someone who is a novice web designer, I’m actually quite proud of what I have accomplished so far if I do say so myself…But just to make sure, I’m going to get one of my web expert friends to look over what I have done before officially launching the new site.

I can’t wait to see WOCON in action. I want to attend their seminars and participate in their workshops. I want to meet with former victims and other stakeholders. So I guess I’m also eagerly awaiting Bisi’s return. In the mean time, I’m happy that I’m learning new skills everyday and my efforts are taking shape right before my eyes.

Posted By Malia Mayson (Nigeria)

Posted Jun 11th, 2005

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