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Nicole Slezak (Kosovo Women’s Network): Nicole received her BA in communication studies and political science from the University of California, Los Angeles In 2007. During this time she studied abroad in the Czech Republic on a National Security Education Program scholarship. At the time of her fellowship, Nicole was studying for a Master’s Degree in Security Studies with a focus on International Security at Georgetown University.

Upcoming Report Publication on Domestic Violence in Kosova

29 Jul

KWN recently completed a research report regarding domestic violence in Kosova. Here is some information regarding the report:

KWN was contracted by the UNDP Women’s Safety and Security Initiative (WSSI) in close cooperation with the Agency for Gender Equality to conduct research on domestic violence in Kosova. The research findings will be used to draft the first Kosova National Action Plan against Domestic Violence in fall 2008.

The research goal is to provide a comprehensive understanding of domestic violence in Kosova. The ambitious three-month research project aimed to address the following objectives requested by WSSI:

1. Identify the range of forms of violence commonly occurring in the family.
2. Gain insights into citizens perceptions about what behaviours are abusive and in what circumstances.
3. Explore what methods citizens use to end violence or reduce its circumstances.
4. Document the consequences of family violence on women, the family, children, and society as whole.
5. Identify society’s attitudes towards abusers and abusive relationships.
6. Determine the social constraints that deprive particular demographic and geographic groups in the private or public sphere.
7. Identify legal and institutional gaps for domestic violence outface.

The research team employed a mixed method methodology that included 1) collection and analysis of statistics from relevant institutions; 2) a review of existing law, legislation and social services available to persons experiencing domestic violence; 3) a statistically representative Kosova-wide survey of 1,256 women and men; 4) surveying representatives of institutions and organizations responsible for dealing with
domestic violence; and 5) a focus group with experts from relevant institutions to discuss findings and clarify report recommendations.

The report is expected to be released in September 2008 in three languages, after which time it will be available on the KWN website. For more information, please contact

Posted By Nicole Slezak

Posted Jul 29th, 2007

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