Sarah Reichenbach

Sarah Reichenbach

Sarah is a recent transplant from Colorado to Washington, DC. She is a graduate student at the George Washington University, working on her MA in International Affairs with an emphasis on Conflict Resolution. She received her BA in International Affairs at the University of Northern Colorado in 2014. In DC, she is a research assistant for the National Security Archive’s Genocide Documentation Project and gathers and analyzes declassified documentation on the Rwandan, Bosnian, and Sudanese genocides. She has also worked with the Education for Peace in Iraq Center to assist and advocate for IDPs throughout the recent Iraqi humanitarian crisis and with the Global Refugee Center of Greeley, CO to support their incoming refugee population. Sarah is thrilled to have the opportunity to put a human face on the documentation she has combed over the last several months and have the privilege of meeting the extraordinary survivors from the atrocities twenty years ago. After the fellowship, she wrote: "For me, the best experience was being able to forge strong relationships with the women of BOSFAM and developing a personal philosophy on conflict-sensitive development." Contact:

26 Jul

The Untold Story of the Perpetual Victim

“Aren’t you just a victim selling your own trauma? asked the Harvard blonde with the brains worth half a million. I couldn’t find the words in English to say, Do you have any idea how right you are? Nine deaths, bleeding eardrums, Dodging bullets – It all fits in the word trauma. And yes, I […]

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Posted Jul 26, 2015

10 Jul

Oh, the humanity.

I saw a cadaver once in high school. My anatomy class was going on an optional field trip and I told myself, “Hey, when are you ever going to see another dead body in your life?” I think I also needed the confirmation of the suspicion that I was not cut out for medicine, as […]

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Posted Jul 10, 2015

28 Jun

How to make Bosnian coffee when there aren’t any Bosnians to help you.

Sometimes when traveling you have to learn to be independent. Sometimes you have to figure things out for yourself. Sometimes All the time, you really need coffee. On this gray Sunday morning, the need was strong and the instant Nescafé just wasn’t going to cut it. But we all know that going down the street to the local […]

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Posted Jun 28, 2015

15 Jun

When 8,372 is not enough.

The group of young people, probably my age, wears matching black and red T-shirts. The backs read, “Building a better future” in bold, white letters. They stand in a row, arms around one another, grinning, laughing, chatting in English, while posing for a group picture. The background of this photo: the thousands of pointed white […]

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Posted Jun 15, 2015

06 Jun

I’m pretty sure I am Colin Firth.

Okay, so I’m assuming you’ve all seen the movie, Love Actually? If you have not, you’re missing out on one of the best R-rated, British, Christmas rom-coms of all time. And most importantly, this blog will make no sense to you. For those of you who only watch this movie at Christmas (which is understandable, […]

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Posted Jun 06, 2015

01 Jun

Pondering fear and failure in Munich

Coffee and letters from home.[/caption] This morning, as I sit in the Munich airport with my second cup of coffee, I wonder why I don’t feel more afraid. I am tired and would really like to brush my teeth, but I don’t feel afraid. The past few months, I’ve been fluctuating between excited and terrified […]

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Posted Jun 01, 2015





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