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Richa Adhikari (BASE, Nepal): Born and raised in Nepal during a period of political instability, Richa was studying for a BA at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, when she took on the AP fellowship with BASE in Nepal. After her fellowship, Richa wrote: “I have learnt to deal with a wide range of people and personalities. I learnt to live with minimal luxuries. I learnt that it is difficult to work in a developing country, not only because of the unresponsiveness but because of the organizational. It takes a lot of effort to get things done, and persistence is the key to survive and thrive at BASE.”

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10 Jul

Hello world,

Namaste from Tulsipur!

As I mentioned in my last entry, I will now be posting the profiles of a few children at the Children’s Peace Home in Ghorahi, Dang. First, a brief introduction of the Peace Home: Children’s Peace Home has been operating through the support of Mr. Bhola Nath Yogi for the past eight years. Apart from rescuing thirty-five children from bonded labor and domestic and political conflicts, Mr. Yogi financially supports children from the neighboring communities whose parents cannot afford to send them to schools. This has worked out pretty well because in addition to providing a home for the rescued children and financial support to the ones in the community, Mr. Yogi has founded a school called Hindu BidhyaPeeth School. And this is where the children get their education, free of cost.

Mr. Yogi says that because the funding is personal (in addition to some help from his relatives abroad), he has not been able to expand on the existing hostel, and would love to pursue that endeavor if he receives funding from donors. Nevertheless, what he has managed to create from his passion of bettering children’s lives is remarkable. The sight of rescued children working together to create a secure future for themselves is beyond humbling. Most flinch when they tell their stories, remembering their lives before the hostel. Others tell them in a matter-of-fact manner, maybe a result of confiding in their new-found family way too often.

Today, I introduce you to Durga Kumal (8), one of the sixteen rescued girls in the hostel.

Durga Kumal

Name: Durga Kumal

Home: Baini, Dang

How did you break your arm?

“I climbed the black plum tree to get some fruits. The tree was slippery and I fell..

My cast will come off in two weeks”

How did you end up in the Children’s Peace Home?”

“My father was always drunk… When my mother was pregnant with
my brother, he beat her so much that my brother was born with a disability.”

“She did not want the same thing to happen to me…”

My mother used to work here (in the hostel) too”

“One day, he called her and begged her to come back, promising that he will never beat her again…

When she went back to him, he beat her, many times…She used to called me, crying”

Where are they now?”

“I don’t know.”

Please follow my my upcoming blogs for more profiles. Until then, read, comment, donate and advocate!

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Posted Jul 10th, 2014

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