Cara Adams

Cara Adams is a junior at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign studying law, sociology and political science. She plans to utilize those subjects to craft an interdisciplinary approach to societal problems facing underprivileged communities. Cara has always been passionate about implementing innovative solutions to social issues and that is what brought her to The Advocacy Project. Cara is very excited to be working with young women to improve hygeine and resist child marriage in Zimbabwe, and is looking forward to helping women tell their stories through advocacy quilts.

2021 Zimbabwe Peace Fellow

21 Jan

When I accepted this fellowship I was excited to work with an organization that encourages and supports social change. I did not know which project would be best for me until I was connected with The Women’s Advocacy Project. The Women’s Advocacy project is based out of Harare, Zimbabwe and they have done amazing things for the women and girls in their community. I speak with the founder of the organization, Constance Mugari, and the director, Dickson Mnyaci at least once a week to touch base on their project developments. In Zimbabwe there is a daily curfew which has been a challenge for the progression of their soap production. However, the ban is set to be lifted February 15th! Their work ethic is truly inspiring and seeing the work that they have done already makes me so excited to support the expansion of their project into two new communities! I have researched the communities of Epworth, Chitungwiza, Mbare and Waterfalls. Child marriage is a common occurrence in those communities, and it’s a problem that seems very far from the US. My concern is that it is present in this country as well, and awareness needs to be given to the issue in the US. I hope to bridge the gap between the struggles of the Zimbabwean communities, and the communities in the US. I have started by reaching out to local high schools in my area (Chicago, Illinois). Hopefully I can connect with students via zoom to inform them about The Women’s Advocacy Project, that would be an amazing start.

Posted By Cara Adams

Posted Jan 21st, 2021

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