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Willow Heske (Democracy and Workers’ Rights Center – DWRC): Willow graduated from Rutgers University-Newark with a BA in history. As the daughter of two union workers, Willow strongly believes that labor organizations play a crucial role in forming modern democracies and that unions can provide an important first step towards socio-economic development. At the time of her fellowship, Willow was pursuing a Master’s degree in International Affairs at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. Her concentration was on international security policy with a focus on conflict resolution and modern state formation in Africa and the Middle East. She was also studying the Arabic language.


31 Jul

When I was writing my last blog it was 3 AM, Hindi had left for Ni’lin hours earlier and I had no updates.

I kept thinking to myself, what if it is a kid that I know, should I mention it could be a kid that I know, does it matter if it is a kid that I know, is it more effective, is it more real if it is a kid that I know?

Shouldn’t we care just the same about any kid, every kid, whether we know them or not?

And still, as I added pictures one by one to my blog, clicking on each link and copying and pasting and uploading, an endless process it seemed, I kept thinking, what if it is this kid, what if it is this kid?

And so today it has been confirmed that it is this kid.

Already, it was one of my favorite kids, whether I knew him or not, all of these kids are my favorite kids, but now I can tell you that this kid, this kid, this is a kid that I know.

When I took these photos last Friday the army had blockaded the main entrance, again. We stood in the road, they fired teargas and rubber coated steel bullets at us.

“Yalla jheesh!” he yelled at me. “You yalla, jheesh” I yelled back.

He smiled at me and gave me the two finger V. Everyone stood there, in the road for a while, and finally we turned around to leave. He was sitting on the top of a brick wall, watching the army, I waved goodbye, and once again he gave me the V.



Ahmad is in the center (black shirt, number 73) standing next to my roomate Anan (left)



Ahmad is lifted up over Ni'lin


Ahmad, shot in the head

Posted By Willow Heske

Posted Jul 31st, 2014