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Tiffany Ommundsen (Kosovo Women’s Network - KWN): Tiffany earned her Bachelor of Arts from Fairfield University in 2007. She also studied abroad in Florence, Italy and Galway, and Ireland. Tiffany received her Master of Arts in International Educational Development from Teachers College, Columbia University in February 2009. During this time she also interned with the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom’s Peace Women Project at the UN, and with the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center in New Haven, Connecticut.

Civil Unrest in the Islamic Republic

19 Jun

Like many people, I have been captivated by the news coming out of Iran the past few days – the photographs, the videos (I found the two videos below particularly powerful, especially since they do not contain any graphic imagery) and yes, even the tweets. 



I am very passionate about Iran. Having worked at the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center in New Haven, Connecticut ( just prior to joining the Kosovo Women’s Network, I have come to learn a lot about the Islamic Republic, it’s political system and it’s people. I even wrote my Masters thesis on Iran. So, as these historic events are unfolding, I want to talk about what is happening, what could happen in the coming days, and what it all means.

But no one here is talking about Iran.

I have tried to start a dialogue on Iran several times, with several different people.  But Kosovars don’t want to talk about the election, the demonstrations, or the violence – especially the violence.  

At first, I couldn’t understand why no one (at least from my perspective) seemed interested in Iran. Then, a young Kosovar woman explained it to me. She stated that they simply have too many painful memories of their own experiences to open themselves up to more.  They need to look to the future and focus on building the democratic institutions of their “newborn” country.

For those who are interested in learning more about the current situation in the Islamic Republic, definitely check out fellow Advocacy Project Fellow Farzin’s blog ( He has done an amazing job presenting the current events from an angle that very few news outlets are covering.

Posted By Tiffany Ommundsen

Posted Jun 19th, 2009