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Rangineh Azimzadeh (Democracy Workers Rights Center - DWRC): Rangineh graduated cum laude from Portland State University with an undergraduate degree in Communications Studies. She then went abroad to Nicosia, Cyprus where she studied International Mediation and Conflict Resolution. Rangineh also lived and studied abroad in Iran and Italy, and served as a fellow for the Institute for International Public Policy from 2003-2007. She undertook intensive Arab language training at Middlebury College before entering the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) as a graduate student. While at MIIS Rangineh participated in a 3-week intensive winter practicum in Cambodia on peace building in a post-conflict society. After her fellowship, Rangineh wrote: “The field experience helped to recommit me to working in the region and on this conflict specifically. It increased my global awareness immensely and provided a critical opportunity for introspection.”

From A Professional to A Pillar: Baseme Bashir’s Story

02 Aug

After several attempts at trying to schedule an interview with Baseme Bashir, I was finally successful and it was apparent within the first ten minutes of the interview that the wait was certainly worth it. As Baseme began telling me her incredible story, her drive and dedication to achieving justice not only for herself, but for those that are also in a similar situation, became apparent.

Baseme Bashir first came to the DWRC after her position as a Program Manager at a well known hydrology company decided to cut her job from full-time to part-time while she was away on vacation claiming it was for budget purposes. Baseme responded by attempting to set up a meeting with the company to negotiate the decision upon her return, but to no avail. Mrs. Bashir worked for Palestinian Hydrology Group for over 6 years and brought with her a wealth of education including a BA in civil engineering, an MA in water engineering and she is also currently seeking her MBA all from Bir Zeit University.

A well established water expert since 1994, Baseme refused to take the decision by her company as final and decided to take matters into her own hands through seeking legal advice. And although she is not hopeful that the organization will reverse its decision anytime soon, she states that it is no longer about her position but rather about fighting the overall injustice that took place both in her case and in other similar cases as well.

Baseme continues to stand as a pillar of strength for Palestinian women, particularly those in the professional sector and after watching her interview, it is obvious that her story is one of empowerment, independence and most of all, inspiration.


Posted By Rangineh Azimzadeh

Posted Aug 2nd, 2009

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  • Stephanie Somanchi

    August 2, 2009


    What an inspiration! She is right to say that this extends far beyond her and addresses the rights of all people.

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