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Lindsey Killett, a North Carolina native, is a graduate of the New York University (NYU) College of Global Public Health masters program. While attending NYU, she served as the Executive Director of the student led Health & Human Rights Association. Lindsey also interned with Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders and participated in the Population Health Innovation Lab. After graduating from East Carolina University with a B.S. in Public Health, Lindsey served at a community health center as an AmeriCorps Community Healthcorps member in Peekskill, NY. Lindsey plans to serve as a global health leader tackling infectious disease issues across the globe and access to healthcare. In her free time, Lindsey attends live concerts and is an avid foodie.

Hills and Valleys

25 Jun

Losing all sense of time due to jet lag I kept having to ask myself; What day is it? What time is it back at home? What is the temperature outside? My first day in Nepal I slept for the most part, went to the grocery with my host family, then met with the leaders of the organization I would be working with during my summer fellowship. The founder of the organization let me know that she would start her journey to Dhankuta the next day and offered me a ride. I accepted the offer thinking that this would be the perfect time to bond before starting work together. Before I could even learn the name of the street I was staying on in Katmandu I was off to my next destination! To be completely honest I was feeling like a fish out of water. My usual habit when in a new place is to dedicate the first day or so to fight jet lag, relax, and learn the lay of the land. But in the line of work I am entering there is no time for that! Goodbye comfort zone! Goodbye getting settled in one place! (In retrospect I wish I stuck to my usual habit of getting settled.)

The journey was supposed to start at 7:25 AM the next day. Our departure from Kathmandu got a little delayed because I had to chase my host family’s dog back into their fence. I was trying not to let the dog out but thanks to my backpack I had to open the gate wider to exit. Once Bella (the dog) was done protesting I was able to get her back where she belonged and meet my ride around the corner from the house. Our trip began. 

With paved and unpaved roads 4 wheel drive is a must in Nepal. There is no cruising on the highway at 60 mph either. Unless you don’t care about your car that is. With no A/C in the car we all had our windows down to catch the breeze. This also meant that all of the exhaust from buses and trucks consistently entered the car along with dust from the road. I was told about the road conditions before so whenever the air got too thick for me I would tie a scarf around my mouth and nose. Traffic was also an issue along the way.

During the beautiful ride to our first destination, Biratnagar, the view of the hills and valleys triggered excitement, and gratefulness! At one point I found myself pushing back tears. There is something about nature and admiring the greatness of God. Gazing at the scenery felt like a foreshadow into my weeks ahead. Around every sharp curve there was a new view. Even with the occasional pouring rain & winding roads there was beauty in it all. Like our trip I was expecting to hear tragic, rough stories from the people I met. Specifically the women I met with uterine prolapse. I was also expecting a moment of time to witness the resilience, passion, love, and beauty of the people I met. There is beauty in valleys and hills no matter how dark or treacherous they may be. If there is a way up then there is always a way down. This is something I think we all have in common. Everyone has a story! Everyone has their own experiences!

Koshi River

We made a couple stops along our way. One at an outhouse, the next for lunch in a beautiful valley, and the last at the biggest river in Nepal, the Koshi river. One very important stop we made was to get a sim card for my phone. I had to nag the people I was with to get one. At one point they even teased me for asking which I did not mind because when it comes to my safety I do not play! Having a working phone is very important! (More on this point later) We arrived in Biratnagar around 7:30 PM. After checking into our hotel I showered off the road residue and went to bed excited to explore the new area I was in.


Posted By Lindsey Killett

Posted Jun 25th, 2018


  • Ali West

    June 25, 2018


    These pictures are beautiful, Lindsey! Thank you for sharing!

  • Corinne Cummings

    June 25, 2018


    Hey Lindsey. Wishing you safe travels on your journey. Thank you for updating us, I appreciated hearing how settling in went for you. I enjoyed your remarks on your feelings towards nature; it appears you had a genuine transcendental-like experience in Nepal! The pictures you posted on your blog post mirrors this unique experience you had, as it looks so green and vibrant. I can see how your surroundings would create a spiritual sensation. Good thing you got your phone set up, you are smart–it is crucial to be safe out there, especially if you are unfamiliar with the territory. Keep up the great work and enjoy the beautiful sights that continue to bless you in Nepal. Take care, Linsey! Best wishes, Corinne

    • Lindsey Killett

      July 14, 2018


      Thank you Corinne! The beautiful journey made writing this blog easy!

  • Samantha Givens

    June 25, 2018


    I absolutely love these photos, what a beautiful place you’re working in. Thank you for the blogs, I cant wait to hear more!

    • Lindsey Killett

      July 14, 2018


      Thank you for reading! I really enjoyed writing this blog!

  • Princia Vas

    June 29, 2018


    Loved reading about your experience so far and very beautiful pictures. Great work!

  • Nity Jaiswal

    July 4, 2018


    Lindsey I enjoyed every bit of this blog. And i know the journey from the Hills to the Terai can be a lil challenging but you have described this journey so beautifully. Keep up your courage and high spirits.

    • Lindsey Killett

      July 14, 2018


      Thank you Nity! The beauty was inspirational!

  • iain

    July 5, 2018


    Travel in Nepal is not easy! But we are glad you made it to Biratnagar!

    • Lindsey Killett

      July 14, 2018


      Thank you! The beauty made the journey easier!

  • Donna Olson

    July 10, 2018


    Thank you for sharing your eventful travel saga Lindsey! I can’t wait to read the next installment!

    • Lindsey Killett

      July 14, 2018


      Thank you for reading! It was a beautiful journey!

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