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Kristina Rosinsky (Undugu Society of Kenya - USK): Kristina graduated in 2007 with a BA in government and politics (magna cum laude) from the University of Maryland-College Park with minors in French and history. During her time at university Kristina did study abroad in Nice, France for five months and then worked in Huancayo, Peru teaching English to children in early 2007. In her senior year Kristina wrote a thesis titled “The Effect of the Mexico City Policy on International Development: An Attack on Reproductive Health and Family Planning Worldwide,” which received high honors. Prior to her fellowship, Kristina worked at AP as an intern and then as the Assistant Information Manager.

How Many More Must Die?

28 Oct

On October 19, USK lost two more Street Association members, John Kamau and Njoroge, from the Globe Roundabout Association. They were both shot to death by police, incorrectly accused of being part of the Mungiki sect. Martin Ndung’u, one of the Digital Storytelling Project facilitators, was friends with both of these young men and just wrote a blog about his loss and the injustice of it.

Two months ago, I wrote of two other association members being killed unjustly, one being shot by security guards and the other being hacked to death by a mob. But the death of John and Njoroge has hit me harder as I had met these two young men before and because Martin was friends with them. The Globe Roundabout Association was the first association I visited when I came to Nairobi and I remember John was very interested in being part of the Digital Storytelling Project, but due to his age (he was 23), he was too old to be involved. Njoroge attended the Youth Forum held by USK on October 15 and played the role of a boy being harassed by the police in a skit meant to curb police harassment. Just four days later he was murdered. The injustice he was trying to end took his life and his friend’s, but at least his cause will live on through youth like Martin who are learning to stand up against these atrocities.

Posted By Kristina Rosinsky

Posted Oct 28th, 2008

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