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Susan Craig-Greene (Dale Farm Housing Association): Susan is originally from Oklahoma. She graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in International Relations. Susan then won a Bailey Scholarship to enter the University of Leipzig, where she studied the changing role of women in reunified Germany. She returned to teach in Germany two years later on a Fulbright scholarship and entered the private sector to work at an IT market research consultancy. Susan then returned to university and earned an MA in Human Rights at the University of Essex, where she earned a distinction for her dissertation. After graduating, Susan took a placement with Amnesty International’s International Justice Project. She left Amnesty following the birth of the first of her two children and began studying documentary photography. She lives close to the Dale Farm site.

Latest about the Dale Farm situation in the news

06 Mar

Have a look at this BBC News article, which suggests that Basildon District Council (BDC) must fund the eviction operation at Dale Farm on its own and will not receive  the £3 million they requested from the government.  Tony Ball, BDC leader, insists that the council has £5 million available for the operation and has even committed to “resign as council leader if it is the council’s fault that the site is not cleared by spring this year.” It is not yet clear whether or not BDC will receive the £10 million required from the government for policing the eviction (which seems unlikely following this news) or what effect this will have on a decision to evict.  Dale Farm Travellers are now awaiting the results of the crucial vote at the council meeting on 14 March, which may decide their fate.

If you want to get involved and support the Travellers, see the events planned for this week leading up to the BDC meeting. Supporters will also be protesting outside BDC offices on 14 March. Click here for details.

Posted By Susan Craig-Greene

Posted Mar 6th, 2011

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  • fiona

    March 22, 2011


    jon austin the echo reporter hasn’t helped the dale farm community with all of his dirty digging just to get himself a story to sell papers. he doesn’t care that he is a poison dwarf and is going to see lots of people homeless. he doesn’t care that he destroys people. he has kept on just to leave the bdc no choice but to take action.’
    bdc spending so much money to get the eviction, then spend lots more in housing them. how on earth can that be in the public interest? major pot holes will be left on the highways or something else will have to go because the bdc work on a budget. as do all councils.
    jon austin gets his pocket lined by keeping his job slandering people selling papers. after all. bad news sells papers!
    i wonder if jon austin is also racist. he seems to pick on ‘travellers’
    travellers are people just like anyone else. they have hearts and souls.
    lots of people have broken planning controls before. not just the ‘travellers’ does jon austin go so deep to highlight these people?
    give the travellers a break. it doesn’t even look like an eyesore there. the only ones that have to look at the places are the travellers. they’re tucked away on their own minding their own businesses.
    the first person that i ever met on dale farm invited me into their caravan for a cuppa. lovely clean homes and well presented children in a loving family community home life.

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