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Anya Gorovets (Transnational AIDS and Migrant Prostitutes in Europe Project – TAMPEP -Turin): Anya earned her BA in English In 2003 with a Philosophy minor from the University of Buffalo. She went on to travel in Europe, teach English in Prague, work as a tutor, and manage educational conferences with a not-for-profit in Washington, DC. At the time of her fellowship, Anya was studying for a Master’s degree in Social Work with a concentration in Community Organizing at Hunter College School of Social Work in New York City.

Life after Debt

06 Jun

America is an exceptional place, or maybe an exceptional case, where the market is free and the people are in debt. Belief in the American dream means a belief in freedom -and in America- freedom means life after debt. When I pay off my loans I will…when I pay off the car payment…the mortgage…my kids school…I will be…?

America exchanged the dream of freedom for debt and extravagance. The consequences of this vary depending on the extent and conditions of your debt. It’s has only become easier to speculate those conditions, which are computed using a debt or an iva calculator.

Human trafficking from Nigeria to the western world has three basic stages: recruitment in Nigeria, transportation (through illegal immigration) and sexual exploitation in the destination country (as well as likely along the way)

“Recruitment relies on the desire of women to travel to western countries…” (TAMPEP report, 2004)

At this point in the history of human trafficking, most of the young Nigerian women (though certainly not all) are aware that in coming to the western world they are expected to work in prostitution–a job most common in Nigeria, and the means by which daughters support large families. They are also aware that once employed, they are expected to repay the cost of this travel arrangement.

They are not aware that their price for pursuing American freedom will mean they are forced to sell themselves into slavery. They are not aware of the true significance of their debt.

To be American is like being the first in line at the extravagant market, your hands are in the land of plenty and it is yours for the picking. Americans seize the opportunities and the privilege of choice–buying the biggest dreams and selecting their most preferred methods of payment.

America’s extravagant market offers something for free–the invitation to get in line, which means there is a long line of hungry customers spanning the farthest points on earth, all toting their beliefs in life after debt.

At the back of the line, behind those who blindly carry guns and soft skulls into the line of fire, behind those who climb through fences in the night, and those who study law and medicine to rape and criminalize humanity, all the way at the back, behind all the men and self-degrading, eye-averting women are a line millions of bodies long–they are the poor women and children, born into every racist patriarchal country on earth, from west to east, standing in line for life after debt.

They are the most exploited and abused in line for the American dream. They travel the western world in search of “American freedom”, and the down payment they make for a plot on western soil can cost them every inch of their freedom. These women and children are trafficked into western countries, to be sold, raped, beaten, shamed, infected, starved and enslaved until their debt is paid and they will be…free?

Posted By Anya Gorovets (Italy)

Posted Jun 6th, 2006

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