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Alison Sluiter (Bosnian Women – BOSFAM): Alison graduated from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in 2008 with a BS in Foreign Service. While at university she studied abroad in Warsaw and Berlin where she interned at the Blaetter fuer deutsche und internationale Politik, a German-language political journal. Alison returned to Berlin during her senior year with a grant from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to conduct research for her thesis on the educational attainment levels of Turkish-German female students in Germany. During 2008 Alison worked at The Advocacy Project in Washington, where she helped to build the Srebrenica Memorial Quilt project and coordinate outreach. She also accompanied Beba Hadzic on a visit to Bosnian diaspora groups in St. Louis, Chicago, New York, and Washington. After her fellowship in Bosnia, Alison wrote: “All the women of BOSFAM have been so welcoming and accepting - I feel like I have 10 new mothers."

Preparing for the Fashion Show

07 Aug

Everyone at BOSFAM has had their hands full over the past week preparing for the annual BOSFAM Fashion Show. This coming Monday evening, models from the ABC Modeling Agency in Tuzla will showcase BOSFAM’s clothing on the newly reopened “Freedom Square.”

Selma Bajramovic, a colleague from BOSFAM, hangs Posters for the Fashion Show

In addition to the fashion show, the Tuzla University Singing Club and three different dance groups (Flamenco, Sandoval, and Valentino) will perform. The fashion show is a great chance for BOSFAM to promote its products among the local population and I would encourage anyone in Tuzla following my blog to attend.

Here at the details:

WHEN: Monday, August 10th at 8 PM
WHERE: Trg Slobode, Tuzla, BiH

For those who cannot attend, I will be sure to put up some video and photos following the event.

Posted By Alison Sluiter

Posted Aug 7th, 2009


  • Stephanie

    August 7, 2009


    Hi, Alison. Please make sure Michel Drenau of the OSCE/Tuzla office knows. It would be a good way for you to make contact with him. Stephanie

  • Justin

    September 8, 2009


    Hi there, Alison.

    I found your blog from a google search, and I’ve very much enjoyed reading about your experience in Tuzla. I am an undergrad from St. Louis, and I’ll be spending a year in Tuzla in 2010/2011. It’s been difficult to find info about life in the city, and BiH altogether, so I’m very glad to have stumbled across your blog.

    From your writing, I also got to learn about BOSFAM. I so admire the work you and the women at the BOSFAM shop are doing! Thank you for introducing me to this worthwhile charity. I’ll be sure to stop by when I get to Tuzla.

    Have a nice day!

    • Alison Sluiter

      September 29, 2009


      Hi Justin! I look forward to meeting you when you arrive in Tuzla. Please stay in touch.

  • Hannah

    September 22, 2009


    Alison —

    You are pretty awesome. I like hearing about your experiences! 🙂



    • Alison Sluiter

      September 29, 2009


      Thanks for reading Hannah!

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