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Melinda Willis (TAMPEP, Turin): At the time of her fellowship, Melinda was studying for a Master’s degree at the Fletcher School, Tufts University. She was the 2004-2005 co-editor of Praxis, the Fletcher Journal of International Development.

Putting the ‘Dead’ Back in Deadline Turin

26 Jul

I like lists. I like them so much that I will write one and include things I know I have already done just so I can have something checked off right away. This *slightly* compulsive habit has been put to a real test this summer. My “To Do” lists started to have an interesting feature that I’ll describe as a line through a checkbox. No, I didn’t actually DO #4 – but I tried to/thought about it/plan to tomorrow/by the end of the week/summer.

This flexible kind of list making and deadline setting pretty much defines how I have had to start working and thinking at TAMPEP. Sometimes work gets done when I thought it would, and sometimes it just doesn’t and that has to be okay. A list made at the beginning of the week is really just a catalogue of hopes. By week’s end, it’s a reflection of reality.

Eight weeks into this internship, I am confronted with the possibility that some of the hopes I had for the summer as a whole will be unrealized. For example, the website. It is finished and resting on this hard drive, but for a variety of logistical reasons, it may be left unpublished for some time. The thing is, I need to see this site up. Not because it is the most stellar piece of web artistry humankind will ever lay eyes upon (my web design skills are best described as fledgling), but because TAMPEP is so close to finally having it.

So I am poised, waiting for the opportunity to say it’s finished. I have moved my deadline for a completed site back so many times that I don’t even bother putting a date on it anymore. My internship is over in two weeks, but until the wheels go up on my flight home, there’s always a chance!

Posted By Melinda Willis

Posted Jul 26th, 2004

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