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Adam Nord (Home for Human Rights – HHR): Adam graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor's degree in psychology, East Asian languages and cultures. He then worked for human rights organizations in Switzerland, Jerusalem and Egypt. Adam graduated from Georgetown University Law Center, where he earned a law degree and certificate in refugees and humanitarian emergencies. Before his AP fellowship, Adam also produced reports on torture and filed appeals to the national courts and international bodies.


27 Apr

The presence of legal counsel appearing at the CoI Sessions on behalf of civil society along with counsel for the affected families has greatly improved the examination of witnesses to the events immediately surrounding the killings under inquiry. CoI’s official counsel, lawyers on loan from the Attorney General’s office, lead the presentation of evidence in the Muttur-ACF case, but at critical times they have noticeably limited their examination of key witnesses, such as those from the security forces, on specific details. At these points in the case, the independent counsels are essential for pressing the questions that might go beyond a bare implication of one armed force or another, towards also obtaining identification of individual perpetrators.

It remains an open question whether the CoI will be able bring undeniable evidence finally out into the light; nonetheless the families continue to express hope in discovering the truth behind their loved ones’ deaths and seek a long awaited fulfillment of justice.

Posted By Adam Nord (Sri Lanka)

Posted Apr 27th, 2008