Adam Nord (Sri Lanka)

Adam Nord (Home for Human Rights – HHR): Adam graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor's degree in psychology, East Asian languages and cultures. He then worked for human rights organizations in Switzerland, Jerusalem and Egypt. Adam graduated from Georgetown University Law Center, where he earned a law degree and certificate in refugees and humanitarian emergencies. Before his AP fellowship, Adam also produced reports on torture and filed appeals to the national courts and international bodies.


30 Mar

Civil society faces an uphill struggle in challenging the current human rights situation in Sri Lanka to defend against widespread violations and elevate a respect for human rights. These efforts seek not only to expose and redress individual violations but also to reverse the general culture of impunity that permits the prevalence of terrible abuses that take place. After careful consideration a group of seven local human rights organization decided to apply for joint Full Standing before the CoI under Section 16 of the CoI Act of 1948. This Group of Seven (Go7) applied for and was granted standing on Monday, 24th March 2008. The following civil society members comprise the Go7 before the CoI: Center for Policy Alternatives (CPA); Home for Human Rights (HHR); INFORM; Law and Society Trust (LST); Mothers and Daughters of Lanka; Rights Now – Collective for Democracy; and Sri Lankan National Jurist Commission.

The CoI holds Session of Inquire for six hours a day, three days a week and members of Sri Lanka’s civil society are now pulling together more than ever to ensure fair and independent alternative legal counsel at the CoI Sessions and lead a joint front within broader society to represent the shared interests of human rights. The volume of investigation records and reports that the Go7 has received through just one week of disclosure from the CoI has been staggering and diligent efforts are underway to thoroughly review every page.

Posted By Adam Nord (Sri Lanka)

Posted Mar 30th, 2008