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Susan Craig-Greene (Dale Farm Housing Association): Susan is originally from Oklahoma. She graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in International Relations. Susan then won a Bailey Scholarship to enter the University of Leipzig, where she studied the changing role of women in reunified Germany. She returned to teach in Germany two years later on a Fulbright scholarship and entered the private sector to work at an IT market research consultancy. Susan then returned to university and earned an MA in Human Rights at the University of Essex, where she earned a distinction for her dissertation. After graduating, Susan took a placement with Amnesty International’s International Justice Project. She left Amnesty following the birth of the first of her two children and began studying documentary photography. She lives close to the Dale Farm site.

Support Dale Farm Travellers

06 Jul

If you want to support the residents at Dale Farm, here are a few ways you can get involved. They need your help now more than ever.

Jim McCarthy and his cousins, playing on site at Dale Farm

Activity Weekends

Starting this Saturday, 9 July, supporters will be meeting at Dale Farm every week from 11 a.m. to discuss :

* Planning
* Introductions and discussions with Dale Farm residents
* Helping build obstacles to make eviction more difficult
* Legal observer & human rights training
* Media training, including photography, film making, reportage
* Peaceful resistance and non-violent civil disobedience workshops

Join Camp Constant, a group of friends and supporters of Dale Farm who will live at Dale Farm to support residents from the last weekend in August.

Become a Human Rights Monitor. See the Dale Farm Legal Monitors facebook page for more details.

Receive regular updates about the campaign to resist the eviction of Dale Farm, by subscribing to the announcements list here.

Join the Dale Farm Solidarity facebook group and tell your friends to join too.

Follow these people on twitter and retweet the latest news on Dale Farm:




Write letters or send e-mails to members of Basildon District Council and Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities.

Sign the petition to stop the Dale Farm Eviction.

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Posted Jul 6th, 2011

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