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Bryan Lupton (Survivor Corps – Gulu Disabled Persons Union – GDPU): Bryan received his B.A. in English Literature from Colorado State University. While at school, he volunteered at the Northern Colorado AIDS Project, a local NGO that provides free health and social services to clients across Northern Colorado. From 2006 to 2008 Bryan served as a US Peace Corps volunteer in Zambia where he coordinated HIV/AIDS prevention training programs in rural areas. At the time of his fellowship, Bryan was pursuing a dual Master’s degree in International Affairs and Public Policy at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and the National University of Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. His research focused on International Security and Diplomacy. After his fellowship, Bryan wrote: “I have learned a lot about the history and violent conflicts of Central Africa and it has made me more considerate of these issues when thinking about the region.”

Thank you and Goodnight

06 Aug


Today is my last day at the Gulu Disabled Persons Union, and also the last day that I am likely to be around a reliable internet connection, so I think this is where I will say my good-byes. I have so many people to thank, and not enough words to properly express myself.

Thank you to the Advocacy Project and Survivor Corps for giving me the opportunity to intern for their organizations. I have learned a lot and am grateful for your guidance this summer.

Thank you to the great people at the Gulu Disabled Persons Union and Caritas Counselling Centre. I have been humbled by your dedication to improving the lives of your clients and by your efforts to help advance positive social change in Northern Uganda.

Thank you to all of my supporters who so generously donated to help get me here and support me financially through the summer.

Thank you to my friends, family and anyone else who happened to stumble across this blog. I appreciate the time you spent learning about the issues here in Northern Uganda. Knowledge is powerful and is the first step of progress.

You can learn more about the work of both Survivor Corps and the Advocacy Project by visiting their respective websites

Thank you and God bless.

Posted By Bryan Lupton

Posted Aug 6th, 2009


  • Jasmine

    December 9, 2009


    Wow… Great article My daughter is seven on sunday and has already planned a day out at the aquarium. Normally we are out and about even in December but this year the weather has been so bad we have had to choose an indoor activity .. any suggestions you can come up with?

  • Breanna Hebda

    April 29, 2010


    I tried grabbing an RSS Feed for the blogsite but it is not showing up in Google Chrome. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Cheers for posting this review. I’m decidedly frustrated with struggling to homework out pertinent and intelligent commentary on this issue. Everybody today goes to the very far extremes to possibly drive property their viewpoint that either: everyone else in the planet is wrong, or two that everyone but them does not really understand the situation. Many kudos for your concise, pertinent insight.

  • mesa dui lawyer

    August 21, 2010


    I so admire people like you Bryan, with so much compassion for our less fortunate brothers and sisters out there. I know how fulfilling it is to be a part of projects such as this one. Good job..keep going.

  • mesa dui attorney

    August 21, 2010


    Such an amazing journey Bryan. You know i really appreciate people like you, with so much compassion for our less fortunate brothers and sisters out there. I know how fulfilling it is to be a part of projects such as this one. Good job..keep going.

  • Chris iWebWork

    September 1, 2010


    I’m late to the page, but having had a chance to catch up on the posts, I’d like to thank you, Bryan for sharing such a great blog.

  • Larry

    September 13, 2010


    Thanks Bryan. I’m going to miss reading your posts. I learned a lot about the situation down there, and I plan on continuing to learn in the future.

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  • oleafrica

    December 3, 2010



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