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Hannah McKeeth (CEMUJER): Hannah was born and brought up in Panama City, Panama. Growing up in Central America greatly influenced her understanding of society and development. From Panama, she moved to Langley, BC, Canada, where she did her undergraduate studies at Trinity Western University in History and Political Studies. Upon graduation, she became a parent and community educator through Advocates Against Family Violence in southern Idaho. It was in this job that she became aware of the complex issues surrounding domestic violence and challenges that immigrants face in the United States. Following this, Hannah spent a year defining her passion for storytelling and clarifying her vision for her future through a fellowship with the Trinity Forum Academy.

Combating Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation

27 Nov

Cemujer is one of the foremost women’s organizations in El Salvador for its academic contributions in all different areas including Gender and Gender Based Violence, HIV/aids, Human Trafficking, among many others.

This week Cemujer participated in the IV International Convention of Salvadorans in the World, the Diaspora association which brings together leaders and members of the Salvadoran population who currently live outside of El Salvador. This is a significant meeting because it has been estimated that more than 25% of the Salvadoran population migrated during the civil war and that approximately 1.5 million Salvadorans live and work in the US; 39,000 are in Canada, and about 20,000 are in Australia just to mention the areas with the largest Diaspora populations. The participation in local political and social activities of the Salvadorans in the World could have a significant impact on the Salvadoran society as a whole.

At this meeting, Cemujer presented its research and findings on the issue of Human Trafficking for Commercial Sexual Exploitation here in El Salvador. El Salvador is a source and destination for the trafficking of women and children for the purposes of sexual exploitation. The Salvadoran Government has not met minimum standards for the elimination of human trafficking however; it is starting to make more of an effort with the help of the civil society and the work of NGO’s like Cemujer.

In October 2004, El Salvador passed a law against human trafficking making human trafficking and conspiring to traffic a person a crime and the same time the National Civil Police created a special unit dedicated to investigate human trafficking cases. Cemujer has been involved in the training of the National Civil Police about these issues and how to treat victims of human trafficking of the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation. This year, a new document proposing a new national policy on human trafficking will be officially released on December 9th at an event organized by Cemujer. During the IV International Convention of Salvadorans in the World Cemujer spoke on the topic of Human Trafficking.

Posted By Hannah McKeeth

Posted Nov 27th, 2008


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