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Tiffany Ommundsen (Kosovo Women’s Network - KWN): Tiffany earned her Bachelor of Arts from Fairfield University in 2007. She also studied abroad in Florence, Italy and Galway, and Ireland. Tiffany received her Master of Arts in International Educational Development from Teachers College, Columbia University in February 2009. During this time she also interned with the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom’s Peace Women Project at the UN, and with the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center in New Haven, Connecticut.

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27 May

In a few short days I will be boarding a (17 hour!) flight to Prishtina, Kosovo and starting an exciting and unknown journey.  I cannot wait!!! I am eager to both begin my partnership with the Kosovo Women’s Network and share my experiences with YOU, the readers.

Since I joined The Advocacy Project as a Peace Fellow destined for Kosovo, I have fielded many questions from family, friends and just about everyone else (not that I mind, I have done a ton of research).  Most were unable to locate Kosovo on a map, let alone address the situation of women’s rights in the country.  The good news is that all of them were genuinely curious and expressed their interest to learn more.

Therefore, I want to use this blog to not only advocate for the Kosovo Women’s Network and the women they represent but to also help educate those not in the know on the issues. So please send in your questions, comments and topics you want to hear about and keep reading!

Oh, and check out the map!

Map of the region

Posted By Tiffany Ommundsen

Posted May 27th, 2009

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  • Bob

    December 3, 2009


    Exsciting and unknown journey…hmmm. Honey,be carefull not to end-up in some room without windows where no body cant hear you SCREAMING !!DO NOT GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT PEOPLE YOU KNOW AND TRUST!I was a member of international police task force ,and we liberated about 40 woman, in very short period of time, in very small area.Four of them were Western-European ladies.
    Good bless you , and have a good time…
    Sorry for my English.

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